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I have a friend named Lyssa. It is not short for anything. It is a diminutive of Elizabeth.

Ares, the god inherent in the savagery of war and battle, was invoked by Homer as "the manslaughtering, bloodstained stormer of walls." Ares' demeanor was typically described by such epithets as lyssa, signifying "martial rage, raving, frenzy." (

Also, a Greek deity: Meaning "Frenzy", she was summoned by Hera to afflict madness on Heracles, whereupon he killed his children and, according to Euripedes, his wife Megara. (
xbelindabillyx  8/15/2005
My name is Alyssa but I disliked how my family shortened it to Aly, and now I use Lyssa. It is often a diminutive of Alyssa, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, etc., but it also is a stand-alone name (whose origin I can't recall at the moment) which means 'honey.'
Lysse  12/16/2007
This name seems like it is a good shortened version of Alyssa or Elizabeth but it does, indeed, already have its own meaning. Lyssa was the Greek goddess of madness or rage. Doesn't make it a bad name if you ask me though.
KatiChaos  1/18/2009
Lyssa is also the name of a figure from Greek mythology, as someone had already stated before me. In that case, the name is derived from Greek 'Lyssa' meaning "rage, frenzy."
Lucille  7/14/2010
Lyssa isn't necessarily a nickname for Alyssa. In actuality, Alyssa is formed from the the Greek "A", against and "Lyssa", madness/rabies. SO technically, Alyssa is formed from the name Lyssa. This is also my friend's name, and the meaning really suits her. She is very crazy/mad. :) I would really recommend naming your daughter this, it is such a sweet name, that is good for all ages, and if you didn't want Lyssa to be the full name, you could name her Alyssa or Elisabeth or Elyssa and just call her Lyssa for short.
megi99  2/22/2011
Also short for Alyssum. Alyssum is not in the database, but I know a girl by this name who goes by Lyssa. I think it is beautiful!
Joy12  5/9/2011

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