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There are several pronunciations of this name. MY-rae or VHA-rae
purpleblue34  1/22/2005
Mairi is pronounced marry. It is only Mhairi that is pronounced varry.
mairi  11/21/2005
Mairi is my favourite name ever! I love it.
Twix  6/12/2007
Màiri Nic a’ Ghobhainn (English name Mary Smith) is a TERRIFIC Scottish folksinger.
Kosta  6/28/2010
Another pronunciation is MAR-ay.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2010
Mairi Ella Challen is an actress. As of 2011 she is 7 years old. She played a six year-old Alice in the 2010 "Alice In Wonderland" movie (Tim Burton).
writer371  5/22/2011
There's a song called "Màiri's wedding" by The High Kings.
Lady_Skywalker  1/3/2014
The song 'Mairi's Wedding' isn't by the High Kings; they only sing it. It's a traditional Scottish folk song.

If wiki can be believed, it was written by John Bannerman some time in the 1900s :)
― Anonymous User  5/18/2014
This is my name, my (paternal) grandma's name (who is English), and it was her (paternal) grandmother's name (who was Scottish).

I pronounce it my-ree (like "Miley" but with an r not an l. My grandma pronounces it something between my-ree and mah-ree. I believe my parents chose to have my name pronounced this way because it's easier for Americans. The way it SHOULD be pronounced in Scottish Gaelic (which was my gran's father's first language) is mah-ree, but the m is soft (almost sliding into a v) and a rolled r.
Mailittlebird  12/4/2014

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