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Maci on Teen Mom has made this like a saint name to teen mothers. Just like her son's name Bentley.
--allison--  11/1/2011
This name always seemed kind of soap opera-ish to me, since it was the name of a character on "The Bold and the Beautiful". It also makes me think of Macy's. Now it has the association with the horrid Maci of MTV's Teen Mom.
Anyechka  9/3/2012
Why is this spelling currently more popular than Macy?
― Anonymous User  9/1/2013
This spelling sounds really ditzy, and then there's the association with the stupid girl from 16 and Pregnant. (Is she the one with the kid named Bentley? I'm not sure...) Why would you want to name your daughter after someone whose only claim to fame is getting pregnant at a young age?
Buneary  5/22/2016

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