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J. K. Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, has a daughter named Mackenzie. And I think it can be used for both genders.
-- amortentia  8/4/2005
Mackenzie Crook is an English actor best known for playing Gareth Keenan in The Office.
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2005
Ben Mckenzie plays Ryan Atwood on FOX's The OC. (Mckenzie is actually his middle name)
-- october_bay  2/26/2006
It reminds me of Spuds Mackenzie, the spokesdog for Bud Light back in the 80's. I also think that this name is WAY too trendy and popular.
-- Brenna  5/6/2006
This is the first name of the actor who played Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean. I love it because I thought it was just a girl name, then I found out that the funny guy with the wooden eye from Pirates of the Caribbean is a bearer of this name. Then I thought, "Hey, that's a pretty cool name for a guy!"
-- Ecky  7/23/2006
A famous bearer of this name is the beautiful and talented young actress Mackenzie Rosman who plays the character of Ruthie in the television series "7th Heaven."
-- Anonymous User  9/23/2006
Mackenzie Philips is a famous bearer of the name.
-- KrisMichelle  1/15/2007
Father MacKenzie is a character in the song "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles.
-- Anonymous User  8/12/2010
There is an NFL player named Mackenzy Bernadeau.
-- Anonymous User  1/29/2011
Mackenzie is the name of the dad in the book, The Shack.
-- Ryry1996  5/31/2011
There was a bratty little girl on the show "Rocket Power" who had this name.
-- Anonymous User  8/14/2011
Mackenzie "Mac" Rendell is a character on the Canadian sci-fi show "Primeval: New World". He is portrayed by Danny Rahim.
-- Fray  2/19/2013
American actress Mackenzie Foy. Poor girl, she's too cute to have a name like this.
-- Anonymous User  8/24/2013
Mackenzie "Kenzie" St. James is a fictional character in the Call of the Forgotten series written by Julie Kagawa.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  5/2/2014
One well-known guy with this name is Mackenzie Bourg, a singer who was on The Voice a while back. Also, on the show Veronica Mars, there was a female character "Mac," but Mackenzie was her last name, not her first name.
-- Broadway Baby  9/12/2014

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