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I really like this spelling of the more common 'Madeleine,' as it seems to have more Old English influences.
quince  2/18/2007
I love it! It is much prettier and more modern than Madeline!
Taydbug112  7/21/2007
I like this spelling a lot better than Madeline.
outsiders_fan  3/29/2008
If I ever have a daughter I am going to name her Madalyn. I love the spelling, because it contains the nicknames of two of the most influential people in my life, My aunt Linda [Lyn] and my uncle Marty [Mad]. A fantastic name.
heartagram666  6/26/2008
Oh no, not another -lyn name.
Emerson  8/10/2008
I think that the spelling "Madilyn" is better but overall I love the name.
luvmynameshaelyn  3/1/2009
Madalyn Murray O'Hair (1919-1995) was an American atheism activist, socialist, an anarchist.
bananarama  1/4/2011
I will be blunt: This is a horrid butchering of an otherwise decent name. "Madalyn" is not "Madeline," and should not be considered a "variant." It is a kre8tiv, made-up version, with the popular ending of "-lyn" (which actually appears very unintelligent if it were not included in the true, original form-- hence: this name.)
While yes, I understand the point of honoring loved-ones, you can very well still do so, and, keep the name acceptable in the professional world (made-up names have a tendency to slow career progress, unfortunately for the innocent bearer).

This spelling has always thrown me off a bit... too similar to the instrument "Mandolin." However, the correct form has never done so.
Francesca  5/1/2011
Saying this name has old English influences is like saying Kaiden is a classic, timeless name and James is modern trash.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2013
Looks like Madeleine was chucked into the trendy machine and it spat out this.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2013
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually like this spelling. It's the pronunciation that counts, and the name is simply beautiful. But this is about as creative with the spelling as I would get. Things like Madilynn, Madolyn, Maddelynne, etc. Are just ugly.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2013
Parents-to-be, Listen up.

This is not a variant of Madeleine. It is a butchering of a beautiful, classic name.

If you name your sweet, beautiful, innocent, deserving-of-a-decent name baby girl Madalyn, Madalynn, Madolyn, Maddilyn, etc THEN YOU ARE DOING HER NO FAVOURS. It is a trashy name. She -- and you by extension -- will appear uneducated, thick and illiterate by using a cre8tivve spelling. Don't you want your daughter to get a decent job one day? A mortgage? Respect from others? Then smarten up, people.

The name is Madeline or Madeleine. Period. If you cannot understand this, if it is beyond your comprehension, if you MUST inflict naming abuse on your beautiful child, then please check out Madyysin, Neveah, Roxie and Tiffannee and leave this timeless, beautiful, classic name the heck alone. I am serious. Very serious. You are ruining a timeless classic. You are ruining it for everybody!

To educated, cultured and discerning people of taste: reclaim this name from the unknown, detritus-strewn trailer parks of North America! Use Madeleine or Madeline. Let's reclaim it, once and for all.

Innocent little Madeleines everywhere need your help. Thank you.
― Anonymous User  3/7/2015
I'm a Madalyn, I adore my name and so does everyone else when I spell it out for them. I'm very well educated, with a Government job. Saying that the female who ends up with this name will be trashy is hilarious. I've met two other Madalyn's in my life and they were both very well presented and kind-hearted.

Ladies, name your daughters Madalyn if you love the name!
Goldllion  5/27/2016

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