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Madelief is the name of the central character in a popular series of Dutch children's books by Guus Kuijer.
renee06  12/20/2012
I love the name Madelief. I like that it's very uncommon (I don't think I've ever actually met a Madelief before) but still familiar because of the flower so no one would ever spell or pronounce it wrong (here in the Netherlands, at least). I also like that it's a flower name yet it still sounds strong and it has a sort of timeless feel to it. I am using this for a character in one of my stories.
renee06  12/20/2012
I came across Madelief today on another website and I think it's just lovely! It's such a unique and pretty spin on overused Madeline/Madeleine.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2011
Pronounced [mad-əh-LEEF]
Ryneth  1/13/2011
FINALLY! This name was added to the database!
Anyway, I'm not even Dutch, but I think this is a lovely name.
erb816  9/6/2010

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