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Madelyn Dunham was Barack Obama's maternal grandmother.
Jiminy cricket  9/7/2012
Madelyn Pugh Martin Davis was the only female staff writer for "I Love Lucy." It was her ladylike mannerisms that kept the show clean.

I also find Madelyn a better spelling opposed to Madeline and Madeleine. With Madelyn you don't have to ask "Is it MadeLIN, MadeLINE, or MadeLANE?" It's also refreshing in an overpopulated world of Madisons.
MaggieHamFan  11/10/2011
Madelyn is one of the cute little Asian girls on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2008
Madelyn (Maddie) is the name of one of the two main characters of "The Photograph", by Virginia Ellis. (wonderful book!) I think it is a very pretty name.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2006

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