Names Related to Madge

Names that are related to MADGE:
ANNEGRET   f   German
GREET   f   Dutch, Limburgish
GREETJE   f   Dutch
GRÉTA   f   Hungarian
GRETA   f   Swedish, German, English
GRETCHEN   f   German, English
GRETE   f   German, Danish, Norwegian
GRETEL   f   German
GRETHE   f   Danish, Norwegian
GRETTA   f   English
GRIET   f   Dutch
JORIE   f   English
MAARIT   f   Finnish
MADGE   f   English
MAE   f   English
MAEGAN   f   English (Modern)
MAEGHAN   f   English (Rare)
MAGGIE   f   English
MAIGHREAD   f   Scottish
MAIRÉAD   f   Irish
MAIREAD   f   Scottish
MAISIE   f   Scottish
MAŁGORZATA   f   Polish
MAMIE   f   English
MARED   f   Welsh
MARET   f   Estonian
MARGAID   f   Manx
MARGAREETA   f   Finnish
MARGARET   f   English
MARGARÉTA   f   Hungarian
MARGARETA   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Slovene, Dutch, Finnish, Croatian
MARGARETE   f   German
MARGARETHA   f   Dutch, German
MARGARETHE   f   German, Danish
MARGARETTA   f   English
MARGARID   f   Armenian
MARGARIDA   f   Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Occitan
MARGARIT   f   Armenian
MARGARITA   f   Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Late Roman
MARGAUX   f   French
MARGE   f   English
MARGED   f   Welsh
MARGERY   f   English
MARGHERITA   f   Italian
MARGIE   f   English
MARGIT   f   Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
MARGITA   f   Hungarian, Slovak
MARGO   f   English
MARGOT   f   French
MARGREET   f   Limburgish, Dutch
MARGRÉT   f   Icelandic
MARGRETE   f   Norwegian
MARGRETHE   f   Danish, Norwegian
MARGRIET   f   Dutch
MARGRIT   f   German
MARGUERITE   f   French
MARIT   f   Swedish, Norwegian
MARITA (2)   f   Swedish, Norwegian
MARJE   f   English
MARJETA   f   Slovene
MARJORIE   f   English
MARJORY   f   English
MARKÉTA   f   Czech, Slovak
MARKETTA   f   Finnish
MARSAILI   f   Scottish
MÄRTA   f   Swedish
MARZENA   f   Polish
MAY   f   English
MAYME   f   English
MEAGAN   f   English
MEAGHAN   f   English
MEG   f   English
MEGAN   f   Welsh, English
MEGGY   f   Medieval English
MEGHAN   f   English
MERERID   f   Welsh
MERETE   f   Danish
MERIT (2)   f   Swedish
META   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
METTE   f   Danish, Norwegian
MIDGE   f   English (Rare)
MYSIE   f   Scottish
PAAIE   f   Manx
PEG   f   English
PEGGIE   f   English
PEGGY   f   English
PEIGI   f   Scottish
REETA   f   Finnish
REETTA   f   Finnish
RETHA   f   English
RITA   f   Italian, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese