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This name is extremely popular in Australia for girls (consistantly in the top 20) and is a relatively unknown name for boys. One of my best friends is a girl Madison, my little cousin is a girl Madison and there are 3 other girl Madisons in my brother's kindergarten class. I think the name is too common here actually but the nickname Maddie is really cute. Until I read the comments here I had never even thought of it as a boys name!
-- poetic_freedom  2/3/2006
I happen to be a Madison, named long before the craze that now seems to be sweeping the nation(s). I'm quite fond of my name, regardless of it's 'masculine' connotations. The first interpretation I read of it defined it as 'the child of a soldier'. I always felt very empowered by it, and think that people who think girls should only have 'feminine' names should be smacked upside the head. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your child a strong name. As to the popularity of it, well, I think my mother now fancies herself a trend-setter.
-- mleigh  3/27/2006
This name became a popular name for girls after the movie Splash (1984) which starred Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  5/10/2006
Despite ending in "...son", which by definition ALWAYS indicates a masculine name, Madison only recently began being used as a girl's name after the actress Darryl Hannah's mermaid character needed a name and chose it from a street sign (i.e, Madison St.) in the 1984 movie named "Splash", that also starred Tom Hanks.
-- Braveheart  5/18/2006
Madison aside - not all names ending in "son" are masculine. Alison is a medieval form of Alice which some ignorant people have dubbed a modern name that some girls have even though it is masculine. Madison is now a unisex name and will probably remain so.
-- Anonymous User  2/2/2007
While at work, I had a customer named Madison, a man. He was in his 50s-60s, and wasn't the first Madison in his family either. He told me that it had been used on men in his family since slightly before the Civil War (1861-1865). You're looking at over 150 years of usage of this name on men.

Nor will he be the last of men in his family to have the name Madison, as he named his son Madison, as well. I hope they continue to use this very MASCULINE name on the proper gender!
-- InfamousBunny  4/27/2012
This name will always be controversial. However, people say it was first used on boys when actually no it was first an English surname and was then used on boys so it wasn't used for boys originally. I don't think there is anything wrong with a girl named Madison and personally love the name, especially as it can have the nickname Maddie.
-- caitlinjade  5/27/2014

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