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I love this name; it's so beautiful and unusual. There is a character in the anime Yuugiou with this name, and if the name means a golden flower, that explains why she got the name (her hair is bright golden blonde.) :)
-- Iridosmine  10/16/2006
A character in the series Avatar: the Last Airbender is called Mai.
-- slimmmeiske2  2/25/2008
Actually, her name is Mei. [this name is pronounced like "my"]

A famous bearer is Mai Hagiwara of Hello! Project & C-ute.
-- MaoLOVE  7/30/2008
Actually the character in "Avatar: the Last Airbender" does spell it "Mai" with an "A" not an "E." She pronounces it like the month "May."
-- missreader  8/14/2011
Estonian for May.
-- elilont  8/10/2008
There is a young woman on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! with the name Mai. In the Japanese version, her full name is Mai Kujaku, which means "dancing peacocks". In the English dub, her name is Mai Valentine. Which is obviously a pun. Though, it's not a bad pun, it's kind of cool.
-- Anonymous User  2/23/2010
Mai Kadowaki (born September 8, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress.
-- Buneary  3/15/2013
In Japanese, it is pronounced mah-ee. However, to English speakers, the name will sound like MIE ("my").
-- GoodNightingale  9/20/2013
This name is not pronounced like mah-ee in Japanese. It's pronounced similar to "my" but obviously not so American. The letters ai together make a unique sound. (Of course they don't separate the vowels from the consonants and the katakana is one character, with the m.) This happens a lot with names that end with I (though you must remember that this is transcribed into English letters.) Names like Rei aren't pronounced Reh-ee either, it's more like "ray" like a ray of sunshine.
-- EkiAku  11/25/2013
The first kanji used for Mai (舞) was given to 95 boys from 1989-2003 (61 of whom were born in 1989) compared to 18801 girls born in the same period.

-- m4yb3_daijirou  3/8/2015
Mai or My means "beloved, dear daughter" in Hmong. It is used commonly as a female first name.
-- Anonymous User  5/5/2015
Mai Nakamura is a former backstroke swimmer from Japan. At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Nakamura won the silver medal in the 100m Backstroke and a bronze medal as part of the Women's Relay Team for the 4x100 Medley.
-- lilolaf  2/22/2017
Mai Nakamura is a Japanese synchronized swimmer. She competed in the women's team event at the 2012 Olympic Games.
-- lilolaf  2/22/2017

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