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This is a beautiful name. It's very peaceful sounding and it's nice that it's spelled differently than most Maia's out there, to set her apart. It's very feminine, light and meaningful.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2004
In modern Greek the word maia is used for the midwife, that is the woman that helps another woman to give birth to her child.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2005
It's very interesting that it means midwife in Greek, because midwife in Hebrew is Meyaledet (from Leyda which means Giving birth), which sounds kind of similar. I wonder if there's a connection.
tFighterPilot  9/8/2007
Her Roman name was Maia Maiestas, and she was also called Fauna, Bona Dea ("the Good Goddess") and Ops. Some believe her to be the equivalent of the old Italian goddess for Spring.
SylensetheBard  12/26/2005
The little psychic girl in The 4400.
dramaelf  8/20/2006
Maia is a very pretty name, I prefer the spelling Maya though. I would pronounce it May-a not My-a.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2006
This name seems Hawaiian to me.
Taydbug112  12/14/2006
'Maia' is an ancient Greek noun (same in modern Greek also) which meant and means 'midwife' (obstetrics), the woman who knows how to help another woman to give birth.
comico  1/4/2007
In the novel 'The River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson, Maia is the main character. She goes to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins Beatrice and Gwendolyn in the Amazon jungle, which, of course, is in Brazil. It's a beautifully written novel, and it has made me really like this name. It, in my opinion, is much prettier than 'Maya'. :)
Surreal  1/7/2007
In Spanish and English, it is pronounced Mah-Yah. It is the name of the Native American People that inhabit Southern Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula) and Parts of Central America.
archie  9/11/2007
Maia is a pretty name. It is pronounced My-ah right?
Princess Veronica  9/12/2007
Maia is also used in Russia. A famous bearer is Maia (Maya) Mikhailovna Plisetskaya, a famous Russian ballet dancer (born in 1925).
ToveTer  10/25/2007
I have a friend named Maia and she pronounces it Ma-ee-ah.
jazzbaby  12/20/2007
I like this name; it's nice but not overused. Unlike the names Maya, Mia, etc. However, the fact that it means midwife in Greek sort of kills it for me just due to the fact that I travel a lot. =/ I still like it though and would use it for a middle name. **And by the way it's the Maya (with a 'y') that inhabit southern Mexico and parts of Central America. NOT the Maia (with an 'i').**
isabelajane  2/5/2008
Is largely pronounced MIE-a not MAY-a at least in Anglo countries.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2008
It's My-ah, trust me I'm called this way, and my mother chose it for the Russian ballet dancer.
maiarb  9/10/2008
If I ever have a daughter, I would likely name her Maia because of this name's connection with both the stars and the passage of the seasons. As names go, Maia and its variations are both feminine and classy, classical and cultured.
Arcticwarrior  3/28/2009
The Greek goddess Maia appears as a character in the "Mary Poppins" books by P.L. Travers. She and her sisters are stars (the Pleiades), come down to earth to celebrate Christmas in a department store.
SandSea  2/20/2010
Maia and the variant Maya are wonderful names. It's unfortunate how popular this has become, as I planned to use it on my future daughter. It's a beautiful name, and the connections begin it make it even better. Classy and refined.
Aureliano  2/28/2010
MAIA in Greek means the woman who assist to the labor / birth, the equivalent of today's doula, and MAIA is one of the deities that protect fertility and birth.
lily25  3/29/2010
It is pronounced Meh-ah.
lily25  3/29/2010
It seems the Greek meaning of this word is "mother" or "great".
Zanizaila  3/3/2011
Pronounced MY-ah, it's a pretty name. But I don't like that it's getting popular.
Black_X  10/16/2011
Maia Shibutani (born 1994 in New York City) is an American ice dancer.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2012
Maia Brewton (born 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
My sister's name is Maia, I was told it was very popular in Lebanon.
Lee Augustus  11/26/2013
Also the name Maia means "brave warrior" in Maori, in my mind this is more meaningful. Great name.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2014
Also Danish and Estonia usage.
Sofia  2/7/2015
I adore the name Maia. It adds on to the name when I tried to find more about it. Some people say it means Midwife, others say mother. I suggest finding other pages to find out about the name Maia since its origin is really fun to find out about. I pronounce it Ma-Ya and many people have pronounced/spelled it incorrectly. I prefer this spelling to Maya or Mya just because it's unique and it's made me feel so much joy to have such a short, sweet name.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2015
In Roman Mythology, this name means "great." It's perfect, because that's exactly what it is!
actingfun  9/21/2015
I plan to call my daughter MAIA, it is much nicer than Maya, Mia etc. I think it sounds lovely.
Anna_7207  10/11/2015
I believe sometimes Maia can mean good mother. There was actually a dinosaur named the Maiasaura, who was known to be a good mother, I believe.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2015
My name is Maia and it is not pronounced My-a or Mia or Maya it's *MY-EE-YA*
MaianotMaya  3/19/2016
Maia is a beautiful name. Maia means a strong, self-respecting young woman who is destined for great future and achievements. Maia is a name that flows easily, is unique and makes a person sound mature and well educated. The name Maia is part of our history, from the Maiasaura to the ancient Mayans. As you can tell, the name Maia is a name that you should be proud of.
maia.sila  5/4/2016
In New Zealand, the Māori meaning for Māia (which is used for a girls name) is "brave warrior", "courage", "confidence".
London12  7/20/2016
Maia Harumi Shibutani is an American ice dancer. Partnered with her brother Alex Shibutani, she is a three-time World medalist, the 2016 Four Continents champion, a two-time NHK Trophy champion, the 2016 Skate America champion, the 2016 Cup of China champion, the 2009 World Junior silver medalist, and a two-time U.S. national champion. She was a member of the US Olympic team and competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
lilolaf  5/18/2017

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