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What a beautiful name! I would never use it though. Nobody would know how to spell or pronounce it. :[
Chrila96  10/25/2010
I have no Basque connection whatsoever, but I love this name so much I'm tempted to steal it. I'm not sure if the correct pronunciation is 'Mia-len' or 'Mya-len', I like it in either case, but I especially love the former as an elaborated form of Mia, and with Mia as a nickname.
sjm1789  7/2/2010
What a beautiful name. Almost too beautiful to imagine on a person. I adore Maialen. It's gorgeous, strong, feminine and sophisticated. And it has this mystic aethereality to it, which makes it so beautiful. For years, my favourite name has been Aisling, but I think Maialen has just knocked it off its pedestal!
― Anonymous User  8/13/2009
Maialen comes from "maia-tza" (May in Basque language) and "len" ("lehena", "the first one" in Basque language), so it means May 1st. It is pronounced similar to Maddalen, which is the Basque version of Magdalene.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2009
It sounds just like myelin, the white fatty substance that surrounds nerve fibers.
kirluci  6/4/2009
Just checked, and it's MIE-uh-lehn.
erb816  5/11/2009
I think this name is just beautiful and ethereal. I pronounce it MIE-uh-len, and I hope that's correct. Anyway, Maialen Mireio has to be one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard.
erb816  4/14/2009
The name as a whole (Maialen) has a Hebrew origin and means: From the High Tower.
and it can be compounded. Maia, means the Goddess of spring (in May) and Len means Lion in German.
inas  12/9/2008

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