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Maired is my favourite singer from Celtic Woman!
Chukky6765  4/11/2016
A famous bearer is Mairéad Farrell (1957 - 1988). She was born in West Belfast, a volunteer in the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA). She was imprisoned in 1976 (aged 19) for carrying out the bombing of a hotel were members of the British forces were staying. In 1986 she was released from prison and returned to active service with the IRA. While on a mission in Gibraltar to carry out an attack against British soldiers, she and her two comrades were murdered by the SAS. The SAS operation was called "Operation Flavius". She was only 31 when she died. To the people of the Falls Road she was a patriot, a hero. To the British she was a terrorist.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2009
Famous bearer of this name is Irish violinist Mairead Nesbitt. Mairead has been on Celtic Women and Riverdance.
sineadleigh  3/16/2006
The lead singer and fiddler of the Irish traditional band Altan is named Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh.
Saiget  12/22/2005

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