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I remember a Dr. Seuss video called "Daisy-head Maisie", where this girl starts growing daisies from her head. At least I think that's how it went, it's been a while.
rain-angel03  12/1/2006
Maisie Jones is the name of Charlie Bone's nice grandmother in the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo.
rory  3/9/2008
Maisy is a cartoon mouse in a childrens' book series.
pandasayscynical  7/7/2008
Maisie Cattermole is a half-blood character in the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. She is the daughter of muggle-born Mary Elizabeth Cattermole and pureblood Reginald Cattermole, and has two siblings, Alfred and Ella.
Sophannagh  8/18/2008
A (somewhat) famous bearer of this name is Maisie Roxanne (b. February 10th, 09), a baby born to a controversial 13-year-old father Alfie Patten and a 15-year-old mother in England. The birth has sparked extensive debate over teenage pregnancy and sex education in the country.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2009
Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark in the TV adaption, Game of Thrones, of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.
Daenerys  6/3/2011
This is the name of a young character in the book What Maisie Knew by Henry James.
Marilyn86  10/23/2012
The actress who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones is named Maisie Williams.

There is a character in Seussical with this name, but it's spelled Mayzie.
wbbuff  3/23/2015
Maisie is the name of the titular character (played by Ann Sothern) in a series of yen films made from 1939 to 1947. The character's name was short for Mary Anastasia.
Buneary  9/30/2017

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