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A famous bearer of this name is Makota Kino, Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon.
Hailey2006  7/7/2006
A famous bearer of the name Makoto is Makoto Ogawa, former member of Hello! Projects Morning Musume.
ketsuekitsubasa  11/8/2006
This is also the name of the main character in the anime El Hazard (who is liked by virtually all the girls) and this is also the name of the main character's best friend in the anime Boys Be (he's a pervert).
seishou  3/23/2007
A famous bearer is the character Makoto Kozuka from the anime series Paranoia Agent.
tenshisaito  4/6/2007
Makoto is the name of one of the main characters in the Japanese manga series "W Juliet". The meanings of the name, sincerity and truth, certainly reflect the character's personality.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2008
There is a busker in Australia, his name is Makoto GuitarSamurai and he shreds like mad!
― Anonymous User  11/17/2014
Makoto Naegi is the protagonist of Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
FlareonTheFlareon  7/19/2015
Makoto Yuki is the name of the Protagonist of the Persona 3 movie.
Zappy Caboose  7/28/2015
Makoto Tachibana is a male character from the anime Free!
daimcdonald  8/3/2015
Makoto is the twin of Ai in the japaese digimon tamers series.
amber2stars  8/30/2015
The name Makoto is also used in the anime "Kanon\". The character is female and her name is Makoto Swateri. It is a very cute name and I would recomend to anyone having a child.
cutenames  6/21/2016
Makoto Yuki is a Japanese actress, tarento, gravure model and AV idol. Makoto Yuki was born on July 7, 1990 in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She began her career as a child actor, then worked as a race queen, was a gravure model and also appeared on several television shows. She made her debut as an adult video actress in September 2010, appearing simultaneously in videos for Moodyz and Alice Japan.
cutenose  1/15/2017
Makoto Hasebe is a Japanese footballer. He is a defensive midfielder who plays for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and is the captain of the Japan national football team.
cutenose  1/22/2017
Makoto Kawamoto, is a Japanese pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Fukui, Japan. She currently sings under the pseudonym Tiger Fake Fur.
cutenose  1/27/2017
Makoto is a Japanese professional wrestler. Trained by Emi Sakura, Makoto made her debut for her Ice Ribbon promotion in July 2006. During the next five years, Makoto went on to win Ice Ribbon's top title, the ICE×60 Championship, once and the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship twice, before transferring over to the Smash promotion in August 2011. She remained with Smash until March 2012, when the promotion folded. The following month, Makoto was announced as part of the roster of the new Wrestling New Classic (WNC) promotion. In March 2013, Makoto became the second WNC Women's Champion. In January 2014, Makoto made Reina Joshi Puroresu her second home promotion in addition to WNC. Reina became her primary home promotion after WNC shut down in June 2014. She is currently in her first reign as the Reina World Women's Champion, while also being a former two-time Reina World Tag Team Champion.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Makoto Raiku is a manga artist whose works have appeared prominently in Shogakukan's publication Shōnen Sunday. Starting off as assistant for Kazuhiro Fujita on his manga Ushio & Tora, he started creating several one-shots for the shōnen manga anthology such as Bird Man (about a young pilot), Hero Ba-Ban (about a cheerful, but weak superhero) and Genmai Blade (about a teenage medicinal exorcist, of which he created both a one-shot and a two-part story). By 1999, he had created the series Newtown Heroes, which was published in Shōnen Sunday Super, a seasonal publication featuring upcoming manga artists and one-shots from the main Sunday book.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Makoto Hagiwara was a Japanese American immigrant and landscape designer responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, from 1895 until his death in 1925. He is often credited with the invention of the fortune cookie in California. He was born to a farm family in Japan and went to the US in 1879. He used to be the owner of a restaurant called Yamatoya in San Francisco.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Makoto Yamaguchi, the Chairperson of Origami House, has taken an active part in origami as a professional creator after working with the Nippon Origami Association. In 1989, he opened "Gallery Origami House", a venue to showcase the works of origami creators. He has worked hard to encourage young creators to continue to improve their models, to interchange with foreign groups and creators abroad. His enthusiasm for origami has led him to become involved with origami associations around the world. JOAS (Japanese Origami Academic Society) Board of Directors President; Board member of NOA (Nippon Origami Association); lifetime member of OrigamiUSA, member of British Origami Society and Chief Editor of "Origami Tanteidan" magazine.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Makoto Sasaki is a former Nippon Professional Baseball outfielder.
cutenose  2/22/2017
Makoto Kano, also credited as Makoto Kanoh pre-1995, is a Japanese game designer and supervisor. He was born in Kyoto, Japan. Kano began working for Nintendo in 1974. He was one of the original designers in Nintendo's creative department. Originally, he designed toys and board games before working on the Nintendo Beam Gun series. Kano eventually became one of the lead designers of the Game & Watch series. By 1984, he was heavily involved in several Nintendo R&D1 games, including Hogan's Alley, Gyromite, and more specifically the Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Famicom Wars series. Some other projects he has worked on at Nintendo include Super Metroid, the Super Scope for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Mario & Wario.
cutenose  4/12/2017
Makoto Hirose is a Japanese Paralympic judoka in Lightweight. In 2004 he won the silver medal in the men's 60kg, but was not upgraded when Sergio Arturo Perez was stripped of his gold medal after testing positive for a banned substance. In 2008 he made it to the quarter-finals but lost to Mouloud Noura. In 2012 he switched to 66kg and lost the semi-final to Zhao Xu. The 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio will be his fourth Games. In the 60kg, he won his second silver medal when Sherzod Namozov beat him in the final.
cutenose  6/16/2017
Makoto Yoshino is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher who is currently a free agent. He previously played for the Hanshin Tigers from 2000 to 2007.
lilolaf  7/18/2017
Makoto Suzuki (known as Mac Suzuki) is a Japanese former professional baseball pitcher. Over his career, Suzuki played 18 seasons in professional baseball, including six in Major League Baseball and two in the Japan Pacific League. In his major league career, he has played for the Seattle Mariners, the Kansas City Royals, the Colorado Rockies, and the Milwaukee Brewers. With those teams, he has had a combined record of 16–31 with a 5.72 earned run average, one complete game, one shutout, and 327 strikeouts in 117 games, 67 starts.
lilolaf  7/18/2017
Makoto Imaoka is a Japanese professional baseball player from Takarazuka, Hyōgo, Japan. Imaoka spent several uneventful seasons in the Japanese professional leagues before being chosen as the leadoff batter by Senichi Hoshino, who managed the Hanshin Tigers from 2002–2004. Imaoka won the batting title in 2003 with a .340 batting average, and his team won the Central League pennant the same year. He had previously played shortstop and second base, but was converted to third base in 2004. He continued his hitting prowess, and led the league with 147 RBIs in 2005. He fell into a huge slump in 2006, and missed half of the season due to injuries.
lilolaf  7/19/2017
Makoto Shinkai is a famous anime director whose works are known for their beautiful art. He directed Your Name which is the No.1 anime film worldwide, and No.2 in Japan specifically. He also created, drew and even voiced Voices of a Distant Star all by himself.
Princessap7  2/5/2018

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