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The "l" is Malgorzata is actually supposed to have a little slash through it, which makes it sound like a "w." (³ -- that is it, if it showed up for you) I have heard it pronounced "Mow-gor-ZHAh-tah."
Jordania  7/26/2005
I speak Polish and the "³" is pronounced as "w" in English.
sineadleigh  4/19/2006
Ma³gorzata Bela is a Polish actress who is well known for her performance in "Karol: Cz³owiek kto Stawa³ siê Papie¿em" (Translation "Karol: A Man Who Became Pope").
sineadleigh  4/19/2006
This is my mother's name and I think it only sounds truly beautiful in its native language, Polish. Gosia, "Goh-shyah", is a very cute nickname, along with Malgosia.
katherinek15  7/19/2010
Diminutive of Małgorzata is Gosia (also Małgosia, Gocha, Gośka - but these are not used as often as Gosia). [noted -ed]
Marzena is a completely different name and should not be confused with Małgorzata!
― Anonymous User  10/3/2014

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