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Malachi was he name of the red-haired goon in the 80s horror flick "Children of the Corn." (He was Isaac's right hand man, though they were only children -- a sort of second in command in an evil hierarchy.)

It's too bad, because the pop-culture reference always seems to come up when this name is mentioned in social settings (for my generation, anyway). **Funny note: No one ever seems to mention the same movie reference when someone is named Isaac. I wonder why -- probably because Malachi is a much less common name and, therefore, more identifiable with a single character.**

It's sort of like the name Damien; these two names will forever be associated with the thought of an evil little boy. It's a shame...

I think it's an otherwise *awesome* name. Of Biblical names, it's one of my favorites.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2006
Malachi is the name of the son of witch Cassie Hughes and a demon named Azazeal in the Sky television show "HEX".
patchworkgirl  9/5/2007
I can't take this name seriously because of the character Malachi in the web cartoon Making Fiends.
sqirrlie  11/23/2008
In the book The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, (spoilers) Malachi was the sole survivor of an Anthropophagi attack and becomes central to the plot of the story.
deja-entendu  9/10/2011

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