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This is my first name. In Africa, it would be pronounced mah-lah-eek-a. In North America, it is pronounced mah-lay-ka. I like my first name because to me it has a beautiful meaning, "angel". That means a lot to me. My auntie gave me this name. I am so glad that she did because I have been an angel to so many people.
COGDELL  1/20/2005
There is a song, called Malaika. The text is in Swahili and begins "Malaika, nakupenda Malaika". The song has been recorded by among others Miriam Makeba.
Ylva  1/11/2006
Beautiful name with one of the best meanings.
silly_rabbit  7/24/2008
I first came across this name when watching the British TV programme Animal Park, about Longleat Safari Park, where there is a lion cub named Malaika. I think it's absolutely beautiful and rare enough that a girl with this name would be unique but not teased for it.
Laurisgirl  8/15/2008
My cousin's middle name is Malaika (Which we pronounce Mah-LIE-Ka), but it's the name we call her instead of her first name. I think it's really sweet and pretty, and definitely a good choice. I wish I knew how my aunt even came up with the name.
plutogirlgenius  8/23/2009
It also means "angel" in Swahili.
Black_X  2/20/2012
Malaika Arora Khan is an Indian Bollywood actress and dancer. She is probably most well known for appearing in the songs "Chaiyya Chaiyya" and "Munni Badnaam Hui."
muskastt9  9/29/2013
Pronounced "mə-LIE-kə".
― Anonymous User  8/7/2014
Malaika is a beautiful, gorgeous sounding name. The meaning "angels" is lovely. :)
― Anonymous User  8/7/2014

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