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I love this name, really like the way it sounds and the origins of it. I would use this spelling over the other, though I'm not usually one to like different spellings.
-- curious  12/4/2006
A Gothic term sometimes given to the first born of an elder. Means: Child Of Darkness.
-- MALAKAI  3/22/2007
Malakai is a character's name in the movie "Save the Last Dance". He is the best friend of the lead character Derek and a troubled adolescent gang-banger-wannabe. Malakai is played by the actor Fredro Starr.
-- soleta  4/19/2007
I really like this name. I like the meaning, and I would definitely pick this spelling over Malachi. Something about the "C-h-i" spelling just seems evil to me.
-- skatergirl2  7/18/2007
I'm pretty sure many people choose this spelling because they like the name Malachi, but doubt many people can spell it, but it just sort of seems like religious nuts who have heard plenty of sermons but never actually read the Bible to the extent of having seen this name on paper would choose, as they don't actually know the original spelling, and, come to think of it, aren't very good spellers in general. The name is very Biblical, so I have my ideas about people who use names like this.
-- slight night shiver  4/29/2008
I dislike this misspelling of the traditional Malachi. And like somebody else said, I think that this spelling might be simpler for illiterate people to use. I also think that having "kai" at the end might appeal to the trendee crowd as it is getting very popular it seems.
-- Anonymous User  7/17/2009
To me, this spelling looks feminized, but perhaps this is because I think of Kai as a feminine name. Definitely prefer Malachi.
-- erb816  2/10/2011
Malakai (actually spelt Malachi) is a biblical name with the meaning 'Angel, messenger of god'.
My son's name is Malakai, and I actually *thought* I had made this spelling up myself, my OH had his heart set on the name but I knew people would call him how Malachi is spelt, and as my name is mainly always pronounced wrong, I didn't want my son to have to correct everyone, I love this way of spelling the name, I think it makes it more unique than it already is. The worst thing about this name, people shorten it to Mal or Kai!

No I am not biblical, yes my son's name is biblical but I am not. But my name is Callie, and I am not most beautiful either, so...
-- CallieGirl  9/4/2015
I think this version is easier to pronounce because the first time I saw Malachi, I pronounced it as "MAL-ə-chai". When I saw this spelling, I knew the pronunciation was "MAL-ə-kie".
-- Anonymous User  3/7/2016
I like this name because it's got its own character and unique pronoun. What's so shocking is that the first time I introduced my son by this name Malakai, some thought I said Malikhaya.
-- alimition  8/5/2016

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