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"Malandra" is actually the Portuguese word for "naughty", "malicious" or "rascal", in the feminine form.
angelsariel  12/31/2005
English actress Malandra Burrows is formerly of Emmerdale fame.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2006
This also means "female thief" in Spanish. This name sounds like a bad word!
michi_vane  3/23/2007
I actually love the name Malandra, in fact I thought I made it up a few years ago. I made up a character for a story and comic I was working on named Milandra. I have only been able to find that name once on one website but I can't find it now. Another odd thing about that name is that the character I gave the name to was kind of "naughty", and in the comic I made about her she was actually a cat burglar. I was actually planning on naming my child Milandra when I do have childran someday. To me Malandra sounds very elegant, exotic, and very beautiful, but that is just my oppinion.
StryWatch  3/29/2007
The name sounds ugly and harsh to me, and it also sounds a bit like a nasty clinical condition.
slight night shiver  4/29/2008
I really do hate these modern creations. This name sounds like some type of disease.
isabelajane  6/10/2008
Made up from Malcolm and Sandra - I called my eldest daughter this name and we all love it!
― Anonymous User  11/5/2011
Interestingly, this name looks similar to Latin malandria, which means "sore on the neck, blister on the neck". It is the archaic name of an equine illness that is now known as malanders or mallenders (via Old French malandres).
Lucille  2/7/2012
Sounds ugly and sinister. Beyond vile.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2015

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