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Malie City is a location in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Calm music plays in the city, especially at night - quite fitting!
Buneary  11/26/2017
I am a Malia, different spelling and though it is hard to pronounce, it is unique, beautiful and a challenge for all who meet me. I was always told growing up it meant "Paradise" and have learned certain variations of the name are different. Either way it is stunning and as an adult now I don't think it ever caused me problems.
mamapirate81012  11/15/2015
This name somehow manages to be both ugly and pretentious. (Hawaiian for "peaceful"? Really?) More importantly, you'd have to be a cruel parent to give your child a name where no one can guess its pronunciation and no one can guess its gender.
― Anonymous User  11/13/2014
This is pretty! =)
RachelLee  7/24/2009

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