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Greenlandic (Inuit) means "little wave".
-- mbirkved  3/2/2005
Malik means "wave" in Greenlandic. And not "little wave" or else it would say Maliaraq or Malinnguaq.
-- Anonymous User  7/20/2005
Malik is also a widely used masculine name in Greenland meaning "little wave".
-- malikm  3/27/2008
Malik was popularized as a first name in the United States by Malik El Haj Shabaz (nee Malcolm X).
-- malikilam  7/6/2006
In the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh, there is a character named Malik Ishtar/Ishtal.
-- Anonymous User  4/9/2008
Malik is NOT the name of the Yu-Gi-Oh character - his name is MARIK Ishtar.

It only sounds like "Malik" because of the Japanese accent.
-- keepitreal  1/16/2011
Popular with African Americans, too.
-- Aureliano  5/27/2010
How I do believe this is typically an Arabic name, I believe that it can also be used as a European name, it has a very strong sound to it, like many Germanic names for example. The name Malakai is said to be English, then how is Malik Arabic? I think it sounds like a strong name for a strong person in my opinion.
-- Deathclaw151  5/29/2010
Malik is considered a correct Romanization of 3 different Arabic words. These include:

* (ملك) Malik (also Malek or Melik), an Arabic word and title, meaning "king", "monarch", and "sovereign". Notably not used as a given first name, but rather as a title.

* (مالك) Mālik (also Maalik), an Arabic word and name, meaning "owner", "proprietor", "proprietary", "possessor", and "holder". It is the the most common among the three to be used as a first name for a person, and its use as a name dates back to ancient times.

* (مليك) Malīk (also Maleek), can mean either of the two words above. Although mostly not used as a given first name.

For this reason, the meaning of "owner, possessor" is more correct as the name's meaning.
-- keepitreal  1/16/2011
Malik is also used in Chechnya (a traditionally Islamic country) as a first name for men. A known Chechen bearer of this name is Malik Saidullaev.
-- Lucille  4/10/2011
In the 2003 film "Malibu's Most Wanted", character Shondra (played by Regina Hall), comes into a room where Brad 'B-Rad' Gluckman (played by Jamie Kennedy) is in the middle of activity with two females. She yells, "This no-good, deadbeat, weak---- white boy won't take care of little Malik." The other two girls respond by leaving the room.
-- KristinaX  6/8/2012
Zayn Malik, a member of the British boy band One Direction.
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  8/7/2014
The Turkish and Armenian form of this name is Melik. [noted -ed]
-- Shibbeh  10/6/2014
Malik Al-Sayf is a character in the video games "Assassin's Creed" and "Assassin's Creed: Revelations".
-- jjulia  11/1/2014
Actually the name "Malik" means MASTER not king. There is certainly a difference as a Master is greater than a mere king. According to the rules of Arabic, when "Malik" is used in a lower form, as a mere word, its intensity or power is greatly diminished making it mean king, which again is less than a Master.
-- JustMarie  5/17/2015

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