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Malinda and its variant Melinda are Greek in origin. The name means "honey" based on the Greek "meil." Similarly, Melissa means "honey-bee."
mizberry  10/12/2006
I much prefer Melinda.
spaz123  8/16/2007
Malinda means "priceless diamond" in Armenia. Or "invaluable diamond" maybe sounds better. =)
honungspinglan  5/20/2008
In the 19th century Malinda was actually much more common as a spelling than Melinda. The indexes to the 1850 United States census, for example, include 21, 798 examples of Malinda and only 8, 690 of Melinda.
clevelandkentevans  3/29/2013
Melinda is pretty and has the obvious "honey" element in its first syllable, but Malinda has a touch of malady and malice about it.
Just Jonquil  11/5/2014

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