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I knew a very nice girl in high school named Monisha. I asked her where the name came from. She explained her mother had an Indian friend in college who nicknamed her "Monisha." So her mother passed the name onto her. Monisha, herself, was not Indian. I'm pretty sure Monisha is an Americanized version of this name. She pronounced her name moh-nee-shah.
KatarinaSu  11/5/2011
Manisha Koirala is a Bollywood actress of Nepalese origin.
muskastt9  9/29/2013
Manisha Gulyani is a Kathak dancer from India. She is a disciple of Pt. Girdhari Maharaj, an ICCR Kathak artiste and teacher cum performer for ICC centres at abroad. She has presented her art on various eminent platforms in India and abroad.
lilolaf  6/30/2017

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