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German pet form of the names Manuela (f) and Manuel (m).
Diana1  4/22/2006
Pronounced MAH-noo.
Aqua  11/21/2006
It's also the French pet form of Emmanuel.
lillinparadise  3/9/2007
Manu is also a nickname of Manuela or Emanuela in Brazil.
samarinezz  3/12/2008
It is also used in New Zealand. It is the name of actor Manu Bennett who plays Crixus in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena; Blood and Sand & Vengeance.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2012
Italian short form of names containing "Manu" such as: Emanuele, Manuele, Manuel, Manuela, Emanuela.
Emu-chan  7/6/2012
Manu is also a Ghanaian name given to the second child of the family.
Manchere  2/24/2018

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