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Mao?! Sounds like Mayo for Mayonnaise! That's just sick.
-- Anonymous User  3/20/2008
Famous bearer is Mao Zedong. Zedong was his given name.
-- beha  4/11/2008
Oh, this is like, one of my favorite names! I love this! It's one of my nicknames. ^^

By the way, it's not pronounced like "mayo", it's pronounced MAH-OH. [Meiyo would be pronounced like mayo.] Mao is really pretty in my opinion. ^^
-- MaoLOVE  7/3/2008
I've never heard this on a female so I'm not sure why it's considered a feminine name. Also Mao Zedong isn't Japanese so I don't think that should count.
-- Anonymous User  7/16/2008
Mao, the lead singer of Sadie, though it's unknown if that's his true name, that's his stage name at least.
-- Mr.Mr.Kozi  7/16/2008
Chinese word for 'cat'.
-- himiko  11/7/2008
Ugh. Chairman Mao, anyone? This is a terrible name to have.
-- bananarama  3/14/2009
Well, there are several anime/manga/game characters with this name (a deal of which are female, true.) On the other hand it does seem a more masculine, either way at most. Then again part of that may be attributed to the main character (male) of the game Disgaea 3 having this name.
-- Galactic.Draconic  4/7/2009
Mao Asada (浅田真央) is a Japanese figure skater.

Mao Inoue (井上真央) is Japanese actress, best known of her role in life action series Hana Yori Dango.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2009
Figure skater Asada Mao and then there's a character called Mao in the anime Code Geass. :D
-- Varjotar  1/30/2010
This name is so darn adorable. :D.
-- Anonymous User  7/25/2014
Mao is actually a gender neutral name in Japan. I have known a girl named Mao and two boys named Mao, one of whom is my cousin.
-- Hugo Maebara  11/11/2015
Mao Asada is a Japanese competitive figure skater. She is the 2010 Olympic silver medalist, a three-time World champion, a three-time Four Continents champion, and a four-time Grand Prix Final champion. She is the only female figure skater who has landed three triple Axel jumps in one competition, which she achieved at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
-- cutenose  2/25/2017
Mao Inoue is a Japanese actress. She debuted as a U-15 idol in 1999. She is best known to Japanese television drama audiences as Akane Imai in Kids War and as Makino Tsukushi in the popular Hana Yori Dango series.
-- cutenose  3/11/2017

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