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The name is also used in the Italian language.
exchange student  12/23/2005
It is also a common Czech name, not too popular nowadays. Pronounced MAHR-tse-lah.
[noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Nicknames: Marceline, Marci, Marceletta, Marci, Marlin, Celina.
Maggie_Simpson  10/13/2007
I was given the name Marcela, and I know only one other person with my name. Her name, though, is spelled Marcella, and I have a friend named Marcel. I guess I like it, but I like unusual or Irish names. Many people always tell me I have a beautiful name, and so I suppose a lot of people like it.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2007
Marcela Divićová is a fictional character from the show "Comeback" (2008). She is played by Dana Batulková.
MaggieSimpson  2/8/2009
Famous bearers:
Marcela Holanová, pop singer
Marcela Augustová, moderator
Marcela Březinová, pop singer
Marcela Václavíková, painter and pedagogue
Marcela Novotná, moderator of Český rozhlas Pardubice
Marcela Košanová, witch
Marcela Sobotková, moderator
Marcela Borecká-Levinská, painter
Marcela Skřivánková, moderator
MaggieSimpson  2/8/2009
Though rarely, this name is used in Croatia too.
goricar  11/21/2009
Pronounced Mar-CHE-lah in Romanian. [noted -ed]
EddRo  2/23/2012
I like this name and I think it's a shame that my country's trophy wife of a First Lady has this name. Hopefully fellow Brazilians won't think of her when they hear this name.
Buneary  3/5/2017

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