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I'm a Marcie. I wasn't keen on it when I was younger - mainly due to people insisting on calling me Mar-cee-ya - but I really like it now! Marcia's quite nice too; it just bugs me because that's not my name! I often get told "that's different!" when I meet new people. I've never personally met another Marcie/Marcia, which I think is cool! It's even more rare here in England than in the USA. I'd rather be a Marcie than something boring like Sarah any time! (no offense to Sarahs everywhere) ;)
Marcie  9/2/2017
Marci is my first name. When I was younger I couldn't stand it but now that I'm older it's not so bad. ;)
mbblondie  11/11/2014
I did meet a woman named Marci, and I like the name. It's cute-like, and cool.
aquaspirit96  9/5/2007
Marci, Marcie, Marcey, Marcy which ever way you spell it, is a nice nickname for Marcella or even nice on its own.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2006

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