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Margot was the name of Anne Frank's sister.
-- AndrewJKD  4/5/2005
My name is Margaret and my nickname was always Margot as a child. Margot sounds more powerful and substantial than Maggie and Peggy, which I disliked because they sounded so frivolous.
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2005
This name was held by Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the Royal Ballet, Margot Fonteyn.
-- Katya_4_Ever  5/15/2006
Also used in Sweden (not as common today) where the 't' is pronounced, MAR-gott.
-- Anonymous User  1/15/2007
I don't like this name because it looks too much like maggot. Nice name though.
-- 7up  2/10/2007
Margot Helen Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums.
-- jalopy  7/13/2007
Also pronounced MAR-go in English, with the stress on the second syllable.
-- aquamarina  11/14/2007
I really like his name - maybe because it's mine. However, most people when reading my name out loud mispronounce it as mar-GOTT.
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2008
This is my name and I used to HATE it. Substitute teachers would always mispronounce it MAR-gott, and for some reason through elementary and middle school my classmates found that extremely hilarious. Now I don't get teased as much, once people get used to my name, and I think it is unique and powerful, and I love it.
-- margs66  12/13/2008
In Germany Margot is pronounced similar to the Swedish; MAR-gawt.
-- rainbow_Maya  7/14/2009
I love this name, reminds me of a very good looking woman.
-- coolcatevan9  11/3/2009
It looks too much like 'maggot'. ;/
-- Aureliano  1/10/2010
Snobby lady in the British TV series "The Good Life" played by Penelope Keith.
-- Anton  3/9/2010
The name of Grace Kelly's character in "Dial M for Murder."
-- Liesl  8/1/2010
No way, no one has mentioned Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeves' Superman! :-o
-- Katrine  8/14/2011
Bette Davis played the character Margot Channing in "All About Eve".
-- kml508  4/15/2012
The name Margot was given to 235 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/16/2013
Whenever I hear this name I always think of the band Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. Which is actually how I came to like the name so much. Also, wonderful band by the way.
-- polkaspot  11/18/2013
I prefer it spelled Margo, because the T is silent (so why even have it?) and because it looks like "maggot" when spelled that way.
-- Eievie  12/28/2013
I really do like this name. It sounds traditional, respectable, and unique.
-- coolcatevan9  7/27/2014

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