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Marietta Edgecombe was a minor character in the Harry Potter books. She was the best friend of Cho Chang, who Harry had a crush on, and she betrayed Dumbledore's Army to Professor Umbridge.
emeraldstar  8/2/2006
Marietta is a city in the state of Georgia.
bibi66  12/18/2006
This name is very nice. More unique than Maria.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2009
Marietta sounds rather frilly, and it makes me think of marionette puppets.
bananarama  9/23/2009
Marietta Robusti (1560? - 1590) was a Venetian painter of the Renaissance period.
Caprice  9/7/2012
My beloved grandmother's name was Marietta. She was born in 1919. I intend to name my own daughter a variation of the name such as Gretta Rose or Rose Etta. I haven't decided which way exactly yet. I think Marietta is a very formal and classy sounding name and not very many people have it today.
tracyperry77  10/11/2015
Marietta Chrousala also spelled Marieta Chrousala or Marieta Hrousala is a Greek fashion model and television presenter.
lilolaf  5/30/2016
The name Marietta was given to 27 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Also used in Hungary. [noted -ed]
Pronounced: MAW-ri-et-taw.
HerculePoirot  8/24/2016
In the novel The Bean Trees, Marietta was protagonist Taylor Greer's name at birth.
Perry Boulware  11/8/2016
Marietta is a nickname in Italy. In fact, less than 5 babies/year since 1999 to 2008 were called Marietta and nobody born after 2008.
Felie  11/7/2017

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