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This is also an Estonian name.
mumm  5/3/2005
It's a very common name in Finland, too. [noted -ed]
Sini  12/26/2006
My friend Marika was Russian. She was called Mari or Rika.
Koolgal  5/5/2007
My Greek godmother was called Marika. (I believe her "real" name was Maria.)
Kosta  2/3/2011
I also know a Latvian named Marika. The Latvian name day for it is July 22, according to this site - another proof that's it's used in Latvia as well.
HanaB  6/13/2011
I'm Polish and I've never heard of this name being used in Poland.
angolmois  1/27/2016
This is also a Georgian name. Diminutive of "Marina". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  1/4/2017

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