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Marit is currently ranked in the top 20 most popular baby names in the Netherlands. Lovely name.
Lauracer  1/2/2006
Marit is pronounced as MAH-reet.
Ylva  4/19/2006
The Norwegian crown princess is named Mette-Marit.
Ylva  4/19/2006
It's the name of the Swedish singer Marit Bergman.
Larissa_Evans  7/8/2006
Märit is a (rather uncommon) name in Sweden. I guess it's related to Marit.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
As mentioned before, it's also used in the Netherlands where it's pronounced MAH-rit.
renee06  7/16/2009
This was the name of one of my best friends growing up. I don’t see much of her now but she has given me a very positive association for this name. It makes me think of a kind and patient girl with blond hair and blue eyes.
renee06  7/16/2009
Marit Bjørgen is a Norwegian cross-country skier and triple olympic champion. Bjørgen is the most successful sprinter in Cross-Country World Cup history, with twenty-four victories; she is ranked first in the all-time Cross-Country World Cup rankings with fifty-eight individual victories.
Erme Ioainna  7/20/2013
Marit was very popular in Norway in the mid-1900s. It ranked at #8 in 1940, #5 in 1945, #3 in 1950 (behind Anne and Inger), in 1955 (behind Anne, Inger and Bente), and in 1960 (behind Anne, Bente and Inger), and #10 in 1965.
Quamalamalam  1/16/2015

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