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I think my name is rare.
gemini  3/22/2005
I think this is a beautiful name. I'm going to name my first girl Maritza.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2005
I think my name is very unique. It is a beautiful name for a beautiful person like me. It is really easy for people to know who I am because im the only one with this name in my school. I LOVE MY NAME MARITZA!
Maritza  6/3/2005
Means "of the sea".
missy2005  9/27/2005
My name is Maritza, and my mother named me this because the year of 1967 when Maritza Sayalero won Miss Universe for Venezuela.
missy2005  9/27/2005
"Maritza" is the largest river in Bulgaria but the name is hardly ever come across in this country.
iva_toneva  5/8/2006
Maritza is the name of Camilla Bordonaba's carachter in Rebelde Way. Her full name is Maritza Pia Spiritto.
6diablesse6  7/17/2006
It is also spelled Marizza.
6diablesse6  7/17/2006
I love this name! It's soooo beautiful!
Luangi  4/13/2007
This was the name of the evil girl on the racist show 'Taina'.
bananarama  8/1/2008
Maritza has a lovely exotic glamour. Reminds me summer perfumes, fruits and florals, frangipani, neroli, honeysuckle, jasmine, apple blossom, fun, vitality, youth and life. It's not a heavy, musky, spice-laden "winter" name. Maritza is the scent, the essence of summer to me.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2009
Maritza sounds very similar to the Croatian pronunciation of Marica (mah-ree-tsa).
― Anonymous User  1/9/2010
Maritza was the name of a character in the TV series 'Taina' who acted diva-like. Also was the arch-nemesis of Taina and her best friend Renee.
starz26  1/28/2010
Sergeant Maritza Cruz, a fictional police officer on the television series Third Watch portrayed by Tia Texada.
asterope  11/8/2010
Whenever I hear this name, I think of Maritza from that dopey show Taina saying "I LOOOVE raining on your parade!"
Bonquiqui  7/16/2012
The name Maritza was given to 207 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
My older sister's name is Maritza. She pronounces it "Maud-eets-a". All the white people at school calls her "Mar-its-a" though...
Blaxworth  6/19/2016
Maritza Sayalero is a Venezuelan designer, model, businesswoman and beauty queen. In 1979 She was crowned both Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe, the first woman from Venezuela to win this title. She is married to Mexican tennis player Raúl Ramírez, with whom she has lived in Mexico since 1981. For years she had a boutique where she sold items of her own design.
cutenose  1/20/2017

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