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This name means "longed for child". It came from the name Mary.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2005
Mariya means "unique" , or "the only one".
LoVe  11/18/2005
This was the name of Tsar Nikolai II's third daughter, Mariya Nikolaevna Romanova.
SaraFeodorovna  7/31/2006
Mariya is a very beautiful name! I will name one of my children this.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Writer Andrei Konchalovskiy and actress Yuliya Vysotskaya have a daughter Mariya Konchalovskaya.
Maggie_Simpson  12/19/2007
The name Mariya was given to 91 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
Mariya Nazarivna Yaremchuk, also transliterated as Maria Yaremchuk, is a Ukrainian pop singer. Yaremchuk represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 held in Copenhagen, Denmark. She finished 6th in the grand final out of 26 countries.
cutenose  1/8/2017

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