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Marlena is the name of a character on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives".
― Anonymous User  4/26/2007
Marlena was the girl who blew up in Cloverfield. Even so, watching the movie, I was struck by the beauty of the name.
FuschiaNicole  2/17/2008
Marlena is currently my second favorite name. Marlena Diamond was Lizzy Caplan's character in Cloverfield, and Marlena was also a character in Sara Gruen's bestseller "Water for Elephants".
Clytemnestra  7/9/2008
There's a song by The Wallflowers called "Three Marlenas" on their 1996 album Bringing Down the Horse. In the song, the name is pronounced "mar-LAY-na." That's how I've always pronounced it as well. A beautiful name and a beautiful song!
― Anonymous User  2/12/2016

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