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One famous "Marlis" I know of is Mark Mizzark, who went by the pseudonym Marlis Pugh (he was a rapper with Another Bad Creation, for those of you who don't know of him). And as far as pronunciation goes, it's "Mahr-lease" - or at least, that's how my name is pronounced.
Syntax_Minx  3/30/2006
The women named Marlis that I've met, they've all been Marlys and their name pronounced MAR-liss.
Jamesina  1/2/2007
Pronounced MAHR-lees.
mafiosa  8/7/2009
This name is also used in The Netherlands - in fact, it is the name of one of my grandmother's sisters. She pronounces her name as mahr-LIS (the -lis sound is similar to the pronunciation of the name Liz, except it ends on an -s instead of a -z).
Lucille  6/8/2010
My name is Marlys. It is pronounced Mar-liss. I have never been able to find the origin of my name since it is not listed as Marlys anywhere. I know my family come from Norwegian descent, but I have seen it listed as Jewish, German, etc. Does anyone really know what origin it is by chance? I was named Marlys after my grandmother with and she lived in Minnesota growing up. Any info would be interesting.
marlys  9/19/2011

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