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I've never liked any African American names because they're all usually made up and ridiculous sounding. I’m mostly African American and my name is nowhere near ghetto but if I had to pick a common African American name for myself it would probably be this name. It sounds a bit Spanish and it doesn't sound noticeably made up. I knew girl with this name and she pronounced it MAR-kee-tuh. I think it’s pretty.
Poco  10/9/2012
Derivative of "Margaret".
fallingleaves  1/31/2010
I noticed that this name is listed as "African-American". This isn't always so. This is my name and it was chosen as a more "accesible" variation of the Czech name "Marketa" by my parents in honor of a relative who perished in the Shoah.

Both names, are a derivative of "Margaret" from what I've found.
fallingleaves  1/31/2010
This name looks very Spanish to me.
FairyGirl  4/27/2007
Marquita is Ogalala Sioux (Native American) for morning flower.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2006

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