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Very popular in the Victorian era. Has dropped from popularity, but a large amount of Catholics have it as a middle name or second middle name, especially in Quebec.
goneaway  5/16/2005
According to the Social Security Administration Mary was either #1 or #2 on the most popular list from 1880 to 1965. Wow! It was definitely overused for YEARS. However, the name has been on the decline every since. In 2005 it was #72 on the most popular list.
rachb76  9/3/2006
Maria has been more popular than Mary since 1996. If you are thinking of naming a child Maria instead of Mary because Mary has been more popular, you should be aware that there are more Marias than Marys in the future generation. I think both names are lovely.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2007
Also used in Ireland.
Dianna475  3/25/2008
In Victorian times this was a quite popular boy's name.
DontDissMadison  6/13/2008
At one time, 1 in 20 female babies were named Mary.

You can check the popularity for around 1910, it's true.
-Julia-  9/19/2009
You cannot use this name for a kid in England. Here it's seen as old fashioned, ugly, and it's used as slang all the time. I'm really surprised to read comments saying it's overused, because here barely anyone under 40 has this name.
ollyar  1/1/2012
In 2011, twice as many baby girls were named 'Nevaeh' than 'Mary'.

Many parents are deterred from using this name because of it's former popularity feeling it is too played out for their unique child. From sociologists' research in the U.S.
S4acre  10/14/2014
Used in Scandinavia (Norway).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/14/2017

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