Namesakes for Mary

American First Ladies: 3 first ladies
      Mary Todd Lincoln   1861-1865  
      Mary Arthur McElroy   1881-1885  
      Mary Harrison McKee   1892-1893  
Biblical Characters: 5 characters
      Mary   (f)   John 11:20  
      Mary   (f)   Rom. 16:6  
      Mary   (f)   Matt. 2:11  
      Mary   (f)   John 19:25  
      Mary Magdalene   (f)   Matt. 27:56  
British Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      Theresa May (a.k.a. Mary)   2016-  
Emmy Award Winners: 2 actresses
      (actress) Mary Tyler Moore   1964; 1966; 1973; 1974; 1976   The Dick Van Dyke Show; The Mary Tyler Moore Show  
      (actress) Marg Helgenberger (a.k.a. Mary)   1990   China Beach  
English and British Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Mary I Tudor   1553-1558  
      Queen Mary II   1689-1694  
Fictional Characters from Books: 7 characters
      Mary Bennet   1813   Pride and Prejudice  
      Mary Crawford   1814   Mansfield Park  
      Mary Musgrove   1818   Persuasion  
      Princess Mariya Bolkonskaya (a.k.a. Mary)   1869   War and Peace  
      Mary Lennox   1910   The Secret Garden  
      Mary Poppins   1934   Marry Poppins  
      Mary Allen   1967   Christy  
Fictional Characters from Movies: 1 character
      Mary Poppins   1964   Marry Poppins  
Fictional Characters from Television: 3 characters
      Madge Bishop (a.k.a. Mary)   1985   Neighbours  
      Mary Allen   1994   Christy  
      Mary Eunice McKee   2011   American Horror Story  
Harry Potter Characters: 2 characters
      Mary Cattermole  
      Mary Riddle  
Hungarian Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Mária (a.k.a. Mary)   1382-1395  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 chemistry
      (chemistry) Dorothy Hodgkin (a.k.a. Mary)   1964  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 14 actresses, 1 comedian/actress
      Mary Pickford   1892-1979  
      Mary Astor   1906-1987  
      Debbie Reynolds (a.k.a. Mary)   1932-2016  
      Mary Tyler Moore   1936-2017  
      Mary Kay Place   1947-  
      Mary McDonnell   1952-  
      Mary Steenburgen   1953-  
      Marg Helgenberger (a.k.a. Mary)   1958-  
      Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   1958-  
      Mare Winningham (a.k.a. Mary)   1959-  
      Caroline Aherne (a.k.a. Mary)   1963-2016  
      Emma Chambers (a.k.a. Mary)   1964-2018  
      Mary Elizabeth Winstead   1984-  
      Mary-Kate Olsen   1986-  
      Mary Mouser   1996-  
Notable Athletes: 1 tennis
      (tennis) Mary Joe Fernández   1971-  
Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television
      (television) Gay Byrne (a.k.a. Mary)   1934-  
Notable Musicians: 2 singers
      Debbie Reynolds (a.k.a. Mary)   1932-2016    
      Dolores O'Riordan (a.k.a. Mary)   1971-2018    
Notable Writers: 2 authors
      Mary Shelley   1797-1851  
      George Eliot (a.k.a. Mary)   1819-1880  
Olympic Medalists: 12 bronze, 8 gold, 5 silver, 2 gold/bronze/silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver/gold, 1 silver/bronze, 1 silver/gold
      (bronze) Isabelle White (a.k.a. Mary)   1912   diving - platform  
      (gold) Isabella Moore (a.k.a. Mary)   1912   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
      (gold) Noel Purcell (a.k.a. Mary)   1920   water polo  
      (silver) Mary Washburn   1928   4x100 m relay  
      (silver) Mary Frizzell   1932   4x100 m relay  
      (gold) Mary Carew   1932   4x100 m relay  
      (bronze) Olive McKean (a.k.a. Mary)   1936   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
      (bronze) Mary Sears   1956   swimming - 100 m butterfly  
      (silver) Michele Brown (a.k.a. Mary)   1964   high jump  
      (bronze/gold/silver) Mary Rand   1964   4x100 m relay; long jump; pentathlon  
      (bronze) Patsy Willard (a.k.a. Mary)   1964   diving - springboard  
      (bronze) Marilyn Black (a.k.a. Mary)   1964   200 m  
      (bronze) Janet Simpson (a.k.a. Mary)   1964   4x100 m relay  
      (gold) Mary Peters   1972   pentathlon  
      (bronze/silver/gold) Dianne Holum (a.k.a. Mary)   1968; 1972   speed skating  
      (silver) Mary Anne O'Connor   1976   basketball  
      (gold/bronze/silver) Mary T. Meagher   1984; 1988   swimming - 100 m butterfly; swimming - 200 m butterfly; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
      (gold) Kamie Ethridge (a.k.a. Mary)   1988   basketball  
      (gold/bronze/silver) Mary Wayte   1984; 1988   swimming - 200 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
      (bronze) Lorraine Moller (a.k.a. Mary)   1992   marathon  
      (bronze) Mary Ellen Clark   1992; 1996   diving - platform  
      (bronze) Mary Onyali-Omagbemi   1992; 1996   4x100 m relay; 200 m  
      (bronze/gold) Mary Joe Fernández   1992; 1996   tennis  
      (bronze) Elise Ray (a.k.a. Mary)   2000   artistic gymnastics  
      (silver/bronze) Mary King   2004; 2008; 2012   equestrian  
      (gold) Abby Wambach (a.k.a. Mary)   2004; 2012   football  
      (gold) Gillian Apps (a.k.a. Mary)   2006; 2010; 2014   ice hockey  
      (gold) Mary Wineberg   2008   4x400 m relay  
      (silver/gold) Mary Whipple   2004; 2008; 2012   rowing  
      (bronze) Mary Kom   2012   boxing  
      (bronze) Alex Danson (a.k.a. Mary)   2012   field hockey  
      (silver) Lizzie Armitstead (a.k.a. Mary)   2012   cycling - road  
Oscar Award Winners: 3 actresses
      (actress) Mary Pickford   1929   Coquette  
      (actress) Mary Astor   1941   The Great Lie  
      (actress) Mary Steenburgen   1980   Melvin and Howard  
Other Leaders: 2 presidents, 1 prime minister
      Prime Minister Jack Lynch (a.k.a. Mary)   1966-1973; 1977-1979   Ireland  
      President Mary Robinson   1990-1997   Ireland  
      President Mary McAleese   1997-2011   Ireland  
Other Royalty: 1 princess
      Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark   2004-   Denmark  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Maria I (a.k.a. Mary)   1777-1816  
      Queen Maria II (a.k.a. Mary)   1826-1828; 1834-1853  
Saints: 87 blessed, 25 saints
      Saint Mary   ?-0xx  
      Saint Mary of Clopas   ?-0xx  
      Saint Mary Magdalene   ?-77  
      Saint Mary the Slave of Rome   ?-300  
      Saint Mary   ?-851  
      Blessed Marie of Oignies (a.k.a. Mary)   1180-1213  
      Saint Mary of Succor   1231-1281  
      Saint Mary of Cerevellon   ?-1290  
      Blessed Maria Mancini of Pisa (a.k.a. Mary)   1350-1431  
      Blessed Maria Bartolomea Bagnesi (a.k.a. Mary)   1514-1577  
      Blessed Maria Lopez of Jesus (a.k.a. Mary)   1560-1640  
      Saint Maria Magdalena de Pazzi (a.k.a. Mary)   1566-1607  
      Blessed Maria Angela Astorch (a.k.a. Mary)   1592-1665  
      Blessed Mary Choun   ?-1619  
      Blessed Mary Tokuan   ?-1619  
      Blessed Mary Guengoro   ?-1620  
      Blessed Mary Magdalen Kiota   ?-1620  
      Blessed Mary Tanaura   ?-1622  
      Blessed Mary Vaz   ?-1627  
      Saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque (a.k.a. Mary)   1647-1690  
      Blessed Maria of Turin (a.k.a. Mary)   1661-1717  
      Blessed Maria Maddalena Martinengo da Barco (a.k.a. Mary)   1687-1737  
      Saint Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds of Jesus (a.k.a. Mary)   1715-1791  
      Saint Marie Madeline Postel (a.k.a. Mary)   1756-1846  
      Blessed Marie Rivier (a.k.a. Mary)   1768-1838  
      Blessed Maria Rafols (a.k.a. Mary)   1781-1853  
      Blessed Marie Haze (a.k.a. Mary)   1782-1876  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini (a.k.a. Mary)   1789-1868  
      Blessed Marie-Françoise de Croissy (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Claude Cyprienne Brard (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Brideau (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Rose Deloye (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie Dufour (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Madeleine Fontaine (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Antoniette Hanisset (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Françoise Lanel (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Geneviève Meunier (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Piedcourt (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Gabrielle Trézel (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie Sainte-Euphrasie Pelletier (a.k.a. Mary)   1796-1868  
      Blessed Maria Theresia of Jesus Gerhardinger (a.k.a. Mary)   1797-1879  
      Saint Maria de Mattias (a.k.a. Mary)   1805-1866  
      Blessed Maria Repetto (a.k.a. Mary)   1807-1890  
      Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres (a.k.a. Mary)   1809-1865  
      Blessed Marie Anne Blondin (a.k.a. Mary)   1809-1890  
      Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher (a.k.a. Mary)   1811-1849  
      Saint Maria Giuseppe Rosello (a.k.a. Mary)   1811-1886  
      Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa (a.k.a. Mary)   1813-1885  
      Blessed Maria Caterina of Saint Rose (a.k.a. Mary)   1813-1887  
      Saint María Rosa Molas y Vallve (a.k.a. Mary)   1815-1876  
      Saint Marie-Eugénie of Jesus (a.k.a. Mary)   1817-1898  
      Saint Mary Yi In-dok   1818-1840  
      Saint Marie-Nicolas-Antoine Daveluy (a.k.a. Mary)   1818-1866  
      Blessed Maria Encarnacion Rosal (a.k.a. Mary)   1820-1886  
      Blessed María del Tránsito Cabanillas (a.k.a. Mary)   1821-1885  
      Blessed Maria Theresia Scherer (a.k.a. Mary)   1825-1888  
      Saint Maria Soledad (a.k.a. Mary)   1826-1887  
      Blessed Maria Marcellina Darowska (a.k.a. Mary)   1827-1911  
      Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti (a.k.a. Mary)   1827-1922  
      Blessed Marie-Thérèse de Soubiran (a.k.a. Mary)   1835-1889  
      Blessed Maria Dominic Mazzarello (a.k.a. Mary)   1837-1881  
      Blessed Marie of the Passion (a.k.a. Mary)   1839-1904  
      Blessed Marie de Jesus Deluil-Martiny (a.k.a. Mary)   1841-1884  
      Blessed Maria of Jesus Siedliska (a.k.a. Mary)   1842-1902  
      Saint Mary MacKillop   1842-1909  
      Blessed María Josefa of the Heart of Jesus Sancho de Guerra (a.k.a. Mary)   1842-1912  
      Blessed Maria Schininà (a.k.a. Mary)   1844-1910  
      Blessed María del Carmen Sallés y Barangueras (a.k.a. Mary)   1848-1911  
      Saint Maria Bernarda Bütler (a.k.a. Mary)   1848-1924  
      Blessed Marie Helene Stollenwerk (a.k.a. Mary)   1852-1900  
      Blessed Maria Christina Brando (a.k.a. Mary)   1856-1906  
      Blessed Maria Raffaella Cimatti (a.k.a. Mary)   1861-1945  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Mantovani (a.k.a. Mary)   1862-1934  
      Blessed Maria Droste zu Vischering (a.k.a. Mary)   1863-1899  
      Blessed Maria Anna Caiani (a.k.a. Mary)   1863-1921  
      Blessed Maria Theresa Ledóchowska (a.k.a. Mary)   1863-1922  
      Blessed Maria Karlowska (a.k.a. Mary)   1865-1935  
      Saint María Vicenta of Saint Dorothy Chavez Orozco (a.k.a. Mary)   1867-1949  
      Blessed María de Jesús Sacramentado Venegas (a.k.a. Mary)   1868-1959  
      Blessed María Alvarado Cardozo (a.k.a. Mary)   1875-1967  
      Blessed Maria Crocifissa Curcio (a.k.a. Mary)   1877-1957  
      Blessed Maria Bernardina Jablonska (a.k.a. Mary)   1878-1940  
      Blessed María Guadalupe García Zavala (a.k.a. Mary)   1878-1963  
      Blessed Maria Ludovica de Angelis (a.k.a. Mary)   1880-1962  
      Blessed María Sagrario (a.k.a. Mary)   1881-1936  
      Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce (a.k.a. Mary)   1881-1947  
      Blessed Maria Candida of the Eucharist (a.k.a. Mary)   1884-1949  
      Blessed Maria Corsini Beltrame Quattrocchi (a.k.a. Mary)   1884-1965  
      Saint John Mary Mzec   ?-1887  
      Saint Maria Goretti (a.k.a. Mary)   1890-1902  
      Blessed María Maravillas de Jesús (a.k.a. Mary)   1891-1974  
      Blessed Marija Petković (a.k.a. Mary)   1892-1956  
      Blessed María Ginard Marti (a.k.a. Mary)   1894-1936  
      Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka (a.k.a. Mary)   1894-1942  
      Blessed María Antonia Bandrés y Elósegui (a.k.a. Mary)   1898-1919  
      Blessed María Romero Meneses (a.k.a. Mary)   1902-1977  
      Blessed María Pilar Izquierdo Albero (a.k.a. Mary)   1906-1945  
      Blessed Maria Euthymia Uffing (a.k.a. Mary)   1914-1955  
      Blessed María del Calvario Romero Clariana (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Gabriela de Hinojosa Naveros (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Josefa del Río Messa (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María del Carmen Moreno Benítez (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Baldillou Bullit (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Amparo Carbonell Muñoz (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Teresa Ferragud Roig (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Jesús Masiá Ferragud (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Verónica Masiá Ferragud (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Felicidad Masiá Ferragud (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Pilar Martinez (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed María de la Purificación Ximénez y Ximénez (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1936  
      Blessed Marie-Clémentine Anuarite Nengapeta (a.k.a. Mary)   1939-1964  
      Blessed Maria Stella Mardosewicz (a.k.a. Mary)   ?-1943  
Scottish Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Mary I Queen of Scots   1542-1567  
      Queen Mary II   1689-1694  
Title Characters: 29 songs, 6 books, 1 musical
      (book) Mary Barton   1848   Mary Barton  
      (song) Mary Phagan   1925   Little Mary Phagan  
      (book) Mary Poppins   1934; 1953   Mary Poppins; Mary Poppins Comes Back  
      (song) Mary   1936   Mary From The Dairy  
      (song) Mary   1957   Mary's Boy Child  
      (musical) Mary   1959   Little Mary Sunshine  
      (song) Mary   1966   Along Comes Mary  
      (song) Mary   1966   I Miss My Mary  
      (song) Mary   1967   Mary Mary  
      (song) Mary   1967   The Wind Cries Mary  
      (song) Mary   1969   Proud Mary  
      (song) Mary   1971   Cross-Eyed Mary  
      (song) Mary Skeffington   1971   Mary Skeffington  
      (song) Mary Long   1972   Mary Long  
      (song) Mary   1975   Mother Mary  
      (book) Mary Jane Harper   1978   Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night  
      (song) Mary   1987   Mary's Prayer  
      (song) Mary Jane   1988   Mary Jane  
      (song) Mary Jane   1993   Mary Jane's Last Dance  
      (song) Mary Jane   1996   What's The New Mary Jane  
      (song) Mary   1998   Bloody Mary  
      (book) Mary I Tudor   1999   Mary, Bloody Mary  
      (song) Mary   2004   Mary  
      (song) Mary   2005   Mary  
      (song) Mary   2006   Mary's Song (Oh My My My)  
      (song) Mary   2006   Typhoid Mary  
      (song) Mary Pickford   2007   Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses)  
      (song) Mary   2008   Ave Mary A  
      (song) Mary   2008   Blind Mary  
      (song) Mary   2010   Mary  
      (book) Mary Ann   2010   Mary Ann in Autumn  
      (song) Mary   2011   Bloody Mary  
      (song) Mary   2012   Hail Mary  
      (song) Mary Lee   2014   Mary Lee  
      (song) Mary   2014   Mary, Did You Know?  
      (book) Mary Celeste   2014   The Ghost of the Mary Celeste