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Marzena is an old Polish form of the past participle of a verb 'marzyc' - to dream. The verb is used in everyday language, but the past participle form seems archaic. So it can be understood directly as 'dreamt of, coming from dreams', or something like that, rather than a form of Mary - of course it is only my impression.
Inaki  3/3/2005
"Marzena" is of course form of Latin "Maria". For Polish words before XII century palatalized "r" (ri) had changed in "rz", and instead of Latin "Maria" the Polish were using form "Marza" (today it isn't use, because we return to Maria). "Marzena" is only remnant of the old form Marza (Marza + sufix -ena like in "Bo¿ena").
Yen_Yen  1/1/2006
You are both wrong. The origin is from Małgorzata. NOT FROM MARIA. It's a common mistake. From Maria is MARZANNA. Marzena means "beloved by God". :)
volfee  9/24/2007
One famous bearer is actress Marzena Godecki, born 28th September 1978, Waage, Poland.
Karcoolka  1/24/2008

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