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Marco Quaglia plays the role of Massimo Nardi in the Italian series "Incantesimo".
iva_toneva  6/8/2006
Very cool, masculine name. Also the name of a cool clothing line.
podolski_fan2  5/23/2007
A guy named Massimo would be charming yet tough and a good boy friend.
gio2475  5/28/2008
The name Massimo was given to 119 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Massimo Troisi (19 February 1953 – 4 June 1994) was an Italian actor, film director, and poet. He is best known for his role as Mario Ruoppolo in the 1994 film Il Postino.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Taparelli, marquis d'Azeglio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈMassimo tapaˈrɛlli dadˈdzɛʎʎo]) (24 October 1798 – 15 January 1866) was an Italian statesman, novelist and painter.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Ranieri (born in Naples, Italy Giovanni Calone, 3 May 1951), is an Italian pop singer, film and stage actor.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Girotti (18 May 1918 - 5 January 2003) was an Italian film actor whose career spanned seven decades.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Tamburini (November 28, 1943 – April 6, 2014) was an Italian motorcycle designer for Cagiva, Ducati, and MV Agusta, and one of the founders of Bimota. Tamburini's designs are iconic in their field, with one critic calling him the "Michelangelo of motorbike design". His Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 were included in the Guggenheim Museum's The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit of 1998–1999.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Stanzione (also called Stanzioni; ca. 1586 – ca. 1656) was an Italian Baroque painter, mainly active in Naples.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo D'Alema (Italian pronunciation: [ˈMassimo daˈlɛma]; born 20 April 1949)[2] is an Italian politician who was the 53rd Prime Minister from 1998 to 2000. Later he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2008. He is also a journalist and served for a time as national secretary of the Democratic Party of the Left (PDS).
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
Massimo Bontempelli (May 12, 1878 – July 21, 1960) was an Italian poet, playwright, novelist and composer. He was influential in developing and promoting the literary style known as magical realism.
sweetbabe  9/28/2014
113 boys were given Massimo in America in 2014.
cutenose  3/13/2016

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