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Mathilda Junkbottom is the name of Dr. Snuggles' houskeeping robot.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2006
Mathilda is the name of Natalie Portman's character in the Luc Besson film Léon/The Professional.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2006
I like the spelling of "Mathilda" better than without the "th". I don't know why, but I do. This is also the name of the little cute girl in Beyblade. She's in Barthez Battalion.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2007
I love this name and I definitely prefer this spelling. It's strong but also cute and would age well. If I have a daughter, I will probably name her Mathilda Marie and call her Mattie for short.
pandasayscynical  7/5/2008
Mathilda is the name of Heath Ledger's daughter.
ohemily_  5/8/2009
Dutch-American actress Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos have a daughter Mathilda Ereni, born 22 October 2003 in New York City.
MaggieSimpson  6/4/2010
Well, if you break this name up, it includes the words math and Hilda. Neither of which denote something good. (Yes I am aware that the H is silent). It looks horrible when written as well. I don't like how it sounds; very harsh and I always think of something dingy.
GibsonGirl  10/27/2011
Mathilda (b. October 2003) is the daughter of American actress Molly Ringwald. Mathilda's siblings are Roman and Adele.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2012
I like both spellings of this name, but I like this one a little more because it wouldn't remind people of the movie, although it doesn't look as pretty. Mattie is a cute nickname, but only for a kid.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2013
I believe Heath ledger's daughter's name is spelled Matilda.
― Anonymous User  6/10/2013
The name Mathilda was given to 41 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
There is a song called 'Mathilda' by the band Little Comets.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2013
When written, all I see is Hilda, and that turns me off from this spelling unfortunately.
silly_rabbit  10/8/2015
Mathilda is Sailor Venus' name in the French dub of Sailor Moon.
Acajou  9/18/2016
Matilda is the spelling I would go with. One of the reasons for why I don't care for Mathilda much is because all I can see is the 'Hilda' part. Hilda is one of the most dated and unattractive names to ever exist.

― Anonymous User  2/23/2017
This is my name and it's a real struggle because people like to give you nicknames like 'Math' 'Matty' 'Tilly' and even unfortunately 'Meth'. Not a fan of it.
― Anonymous User  2/11/2018

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