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The French pronunciation of Maxence is mak-SAWNS or mahk-SAWNS (compare also the pronunciation of Clémence, Florence and Laurence, where the -ence is pronounced exactly the same).
Lucille  1/21/2013
The French pronunciation of this name is, MAK-sahns. I think this is a wonderful boy's name and perfect as a namesake for any variation of "Max" you may have in your family tree! I highly recommend this name!
leananshae  11/27/2007
I just came across the phonetic representative for the French nasal sound for "en" -- it's a "aw" with a superscript "n" and is pronounced like "ong" where you hold your mouth in the "ong" shape but only voice the "o". To accomplish the sound, say the dipthong, "ong" with your lips in a tight "o" shape. That's the French "en" amd "on" sound.

AND I noticed that I put the stress on the wrong syllable above. SOOOO, the correct French pronunciation for Maxence is, mak-SAWnS.
leananshae  11/27/2007

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