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I really like this name but I wouldn't use it for a child because I think of a big, clumsy person and I don't think it would suit a child.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2008
Maxene Andrews is a famous bearer of the name. She was part of The Andrews Sisters, a 3 part close harmony group of the 1940's who sang such hits as "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". Maxene herself sang soprano while her sister LaVerne sang contralto and her other sister, Patty, sang mezzosoprano.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2009
I don't see how this is supposed to be pronounced the same way as Maxine. The E in the middle makes it look like Maks-EN. Vowels aren't just stuck in names because they look pretty.
Anyechka  6/23/2013

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