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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Pronounced Pron. MAK-see(Spanish)
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Meaning & History

Spanish short form of MAXIMILIANO (masculine) or German short form of MAXIMILIANE (feminine) or MAXIMILIAN (masculine).
Other Languages & CulturesMaximiliana, Maximilianus(Ancient Roman) Maxmilián, Max(Czech) Maximilian, Max(Danish) Maximiliaan, Max(Dutch) Maximilian, Max, Maxene, Maximillian, Maxine(English) Maximilien, Maximilienne(French) Miksa(Hungarian) Massimiliano(Italian) Maximilian, Max, Milian(Norwegian) Maksymilian(Polish) Maximiliano(Portuguese) Maksimilian(Russian) Maximilián(Slovak) Maximilian, Max, Milian(Swedish)
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