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Maxine is a fabulous name, because that's my name! I perfer it to be spelled Maxyne not Maxine- it just bothers me. This is my personal opinion.
― Anonymous User  2/10/2018
I love my name being Maxine. My grandfather's middle name was Maxwell so that is how I was given the name. I was the only Maxine at infant and primary school where as in secondary school there 3 others which I couldn't get my head around. At secondary school I had the nickname "Maxipad" but I took it on the chin. I also got called Maximus a fair bit. I'm proud to have the name!
Maxine85  9/30/2017
As a little girl growing up throughout my school and college days, I never came across any other female with the same name Maxine. I felt it was a very unusual and unique name and was proud to be given the name by my parents. As the years went by I would meet the odd female with my name and we would converse about the rarity. I love to be called Max which I feel is trendy, but now go by the name Maxi-Leigh, very feminine. I am known to be noble as well strong and great with the work that I do with my Charity Support for Survivors, Supporting Men and Women who have experienced 'Past Historical Childhood Abuse' of which I am a survivor myself. I have experienced the darkness, but now shine with brightness all around me, and those that I have the love for to change their life. I am proud for Maxine to be of Roman descent and a Greek feminine form of Maximus!
Maxi-Leigh  9/3/2017
Love the name Max!
― Anonymous User  8/29/2017
The name Maxine was given to 305 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Maxine are female.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Named my daughter Maxine because it is rare and not associated with any religion.
Carnaj  5/26/2017
My name is Maxine and I absolutely hated my name when I was younger (in school) because it was just so different! I was the only Maxine in my schools throughout my duration. But now I absolutely love it! It's a name we all know but not something you hear all the time such as "Chloe" or "Lucy" or "Beth" which are all lovely names but are more popular. I had so many nicknames, Pepsimax was one which used to piss me off so much! I've had magazine, fax machine, waxing?:/ and maxi pad! Maxi pad is really embarrassing but it does make me laugh! But Max is what everyone usually says!
Maxine97  3/25/2017
This is adorable on a little girl, but still sophisticated for a woman.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2016
I am Maxine and I have always loved it. I try to live up to its meaning. Yes I have been through the Maxi-pad jokes, particularly in grade 5. I have had people try to call me Max but it would conjure up images of a German Sheppard foaming at the mouth. Now living in such a sexually ambiguous culture my name is perfect and powerful and edgy. Every Maxine I have ever met has been unique. My name ROCKS!
Monroesvoice  9/8/2016
The name Maxine was given to 231 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Maxine Moore Waters is the U.S. Representative for California's 43rd congressional district, and previously the 35th and 29th districts, serving since 1991. She is a member of the Democratic Party.
cutenose  5/30/2016
I love this name. It's unique yet fits in with all the trendy Max names. Max as a nickname is cute for a girl, while the full name Maxine is refined and elegant. It would be the perfect name to pair with an unexpected nature or noun type of middle name.
samoan.solstice  5/9/2016
Some people see Maxine as a dated name. I always thought of it as a cool name because I used to have a classmate named Maxine. She was very beautiful and very intelligent.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2015
What a terrible name! So dated and rough on the tongue.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2015
I LOVE the name Maxine for a girl! And the nickname Max rocks! :D.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2015
Maxine "Max" Caulfield is the main character in the video game Life Is Strange.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2015
I too am named after the actress Maxine Audley... but to say we are all from the 1930's is wrong. I never heard of the Hebrew interpretation... I like it. All documents I have about my name suggest the feminine derivative of Maximillian... meaning "The Greatest" or "the best". There are some modern references - "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus and Pliers and the "Manchester Rap" by The Bosnians both mention Maxine.
MaxineXXX  1/27/2014
I love Maxine so much for a girl, and I love that I can name a boy Maxime. Unique, sounds french. Probably going to name one of my girl's Maxine. Nickname could be Max, and I love masculine nicknames so there you go. (I wouldnt use Maxi though, sounds like a maxi pad haha).
amelissmith  9/6/2013
The name Maxine was given to 187 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Maxine was the name of one of Laura Winslow's friends on Family Matters. Also, there was a British singer from back in the 1970's named Maxine Nightingale.
Ryry1996  5/4/2011
I like this name. It sounds feminine and adult, although almost too adult. And I believe the nickname Max is really cute for a little girl. Probably spawning from the movie "Orphan" where the adorable deaf girl goes by Max. It just seems to fit. Even with unfortunate teasing names that could happen. Really, which names are exempt from childish bullying?
Book_Reader22  3/10/2011
Are you sure it's the 19th century.
Lexi10102  3/9/2011
My best friend's name is Maxine - her nickname is Seeni or Seens instead of Max. It's more feminine!
Namenutt  3/3/2011
I really like this name. It's feminine and pretty, yet strong and powerful. I think it's a wonderful name for a girl. And I like the nickname "Max". It's a very rare name, people don't think much to use it, because they think it's outdated. I don't the names "Hilda" "Ethel" or "Shirley" can be brought back to date but I think Maxine definitely has potential. I mean it's mature, but it's also youthful and fun, it fits anyone of any age. I think it deserves a comeback.
AmericaSpainGermany  8/26/2010
Maxine reminds me of Maxi pads. :(
― Anonymous User  7/16/2010
It's an okay name, but for some reason, I can't see it on an adult. Maxine sounds very childish to me, and not particularly in a bad way.
Athena Nike  4/5/2010
I like how it's elegant yet not frilly, along the same lines as Jacqueline.
lucyskydiamonds  1/30/2010
I really like this name. It is without a doubt feminine but not frilly like the majority of female names seem to be. Plus you can call her Max.
McHobbit  12/1/2009
It rhymes with Vaccine. Bullies called my friend The Maxine Vaccine.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2009
Bullies called my childhood friend Maxine "Maxi Pad" in school.
alexa7289  5/3/2009
Maxine McKew (b. 1953) is an Australian TV personality (political commentator) turned politician.
Jonquil  9/7/2008
I just realised this name rhymes with vaccine. Not a bad thing, just pointing it out.
Hushpuppy  9/5/2008
I'm not even sure why, but I think this is a kick-ass name!
erb816  8/24/2008
Maxine is the name of that crabby old lady from the Hallmark cards.
sarahj  8/17/2008
I love this name but it seems kind of dated.
number1212  6/5/2008
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. There's something so strong and edgy, yet still sweet to this name.
― Anonymous User  11/13/2007
I think Maxine is a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2007
Maxine Petro, a famous author who has cowritten with the legendary author James Patterson, books such as Fourth of July, and the Fifth Horseman.
spaz123  6/6/2007
I don't like this name much. I find it really dated too--most of its bearers were born circa the 1930s.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2007
It's my name. I also hated it as a child - but now - I love it. I like being so different and that it can be shortened to Max and thus gender ambiguous.
Maxine_V  2/21/2007
It's an awesome name, it's on my list of names for girls if I have one. My friend from Germany is also named Maxine and she likes to be called Max.
Holdmecloser2u13  10/5/2006
Maxine was used from 1890 to the end of the 1970's with its peak year being the 1920's.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2006
I was also named after Maxine Audley! I used to hate this name as a teenager, because it made me stand out, but now I love it!
― Anonymous User  8/18/2006
Maxine is a very nice name for a girl, strong and yet feminine and better in my opinion that Ryan, Tyler, Logan or Cameron that are being used for girl's names.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2006
*yuck*! I hate this name!
― Anonymous User  6/26/2006
Maxine is possibly an Anglicisation of the French boys' name Maxime - this in turn has links with the Russian name Maxim (again, masculine) and all these (along with Maximilian) derive from the Roman Maximus, meaning 'greatest'. Maxine in its feminine form has certainly been around prior to the 1930s, if not in huge numbers. I am named Maxine after the actress Maxine Audley. The wife of Prince Willem Alexander of The Netherlands hails from South America and her name is Maxima.
― Anonymous User  6/11/2006
I like the name Maxine. In my opinion, it sounds unique and nice. However, I do prefer the spelling 'Maxene'.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2006
Maxine is actually a feminine form of Maximus, so it is really a Roman name meaning "greatest" or can mean "bright" or "noble."
― Anonymous User  4/7/2006
Actually, in mention to a user's comment above, I think Maxine is a Greek feminine form of Maximus. How is it supposed to be a Roman name? A Latin/Roman would proabably be Maxia or Maxea. But since Maxena sounds more Greek (which also probably means greatest or noble) to me and a spelling of the name is Maxine that's my conclusion.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2006
Maxine was #834 on the SSA list for 1884. I don't think it was invented in the 1930s.
sara_anne  2/20/2006
How exactly is this name first made in the 1930s if it was popular in the 1920s and 1910s? [noted -ed]
kanine  1/18/2006
In Hebrew, Maxine (or Macsima) means ''enchanted''.
Maxine  5/31/2005

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