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Maya in Greek means sorcery, witchcraft but it is not used as a name.
-- irini1756  3/25/2005
Maya Angelou is a famous poet and story teller.
-- Anonymous User  8/28/2005
Maya Rudolph is a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2006
Sanskrit: In addition to its meaning "illusion" in Sanskrit, Maya is also another name for Durga or Parvati (Goddess of power).
-- pan15  6/8/2006
I know someone who spells their name this way, but pronounces it MY-ah.
-- vine  11/14/2006
This was the name of Queen Maya, the mother of Buddha.
-- Morsa  1/18/2007
Maya it is also a Japanese name (I don't know the meaning, a derivation of the name is Mayako that means child of Maya).
-- Anonymous User  5/3/2007
For the person who does not know the meaning in japanese - ma means true, ya is night. Though it's more common to spell it maaya, ma for true, aya for rainbow.
-- reina  9/6/2008
Maya Fey is a main character in the game series Ace Attorney for the DS.
-- meganmichele  1/4/2008
I like this name. I met a little Asian girl named Maya Mae a few weeks ago, and I've liked this name for a while, even before meeting her. This name is sweet for a little girl, and it goes well with an older woman or teenager too. Although it seems as though the only people with this name that I meet are Asian or Latino, I still like this name. I think it is adorable on Asian and Latino children. The name suits them, as it sweet and every one of them I have met have had a very good personality and attitude.
-- Patricia Underwood  2/17/2008
Maya was the main character in the book Motherland by Vineeta Vijayaraghavan.
-- Anonymous User  2/23/2008
Pronounced "Mie-a".
-- Karcoolka  2/25/2008
Maya is the main character in the book Motherland by Vineeta Vijayaraghavan.
-- bibi66  8/8/2008
Actress Sabina Laurinová and stomatologist Karel Kameník have a daughter Maya Kameníková, born 28th August 2008.
-- Emilie007  8/29/2008
Director Pavlína Moskalyková and Matthew Solo have a daughter Maya Solo.
-- Emilie007  9/7/2008
I prefer it pronounced Mie-a.
-- Anonymous User  11/20/2008
I know many many many many Mayas, and what I like about this name is that it can be used for many different races and ethnicities.

I wouldn't use it for the sole reason that it's too popular for me, but other than that it is a fabulous name.
-- margs66  12/14/2008
Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam is the birth name of singer/songwriter M.I.A. She is of Sri Lankan Tamil descent.
-- bibi66  6/9/2009
Maya can be a Japanese name.
-- Meg_Simpson  2/27/2011
Means "materialism" in Sanskrit.
-- Anonymous User  10/5/2011
Very popular name across many cultures. I feel like every multi-cultural couple I know names their daughter Maya. I know several in my group of friends. I personally wouldn't choose it because of its' popularity which will date the name. This is also true for Mia & possibly now Mila. Perhaps instead of these, consider the short & sweet Mina or Mira which will sound much more fresh but just as lovely.
-- Anonymous User  7/11/2013
This name is pronounced (my-uh) not (may-uh), at least in the United States.
-- Anonymous User  1/24/2016

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