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The other two Erinyes of Greek mythology were Alecto and Tisiphone. The Romans called them the Furiae. The Furiae/Erinyes would mete out justice in whatever way they saw fit, usually killing the wrongdoer, no matter how relatively insignificant his transgression.
Sera M.  10/7/2005
Megaera is the name of the shrewish wife of Androcles in George Bernard Shaw's play Androcles and the Lion.
Kosta  3/17/2006
Pronounced Me-jee-rah, j as in French "jolie."
jc  4/7/2006
It's actually pronounced meg-AH-ra.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2009
Magaera is the name of Hercules' girlfriend in the Disney movie 'Hercules'. She goes by Meg.
Rockos_Modern_Life_1  5/4/2007
To quote Hercules, "My name's Megaera, but my friends call me Meg. That is they would if I had any friends." haha.
Liesl  10/28/2010
English pronunciation is mə-JEER-ə.
Kate  6/1/2012
In many European languages, cognates of this name are used as a term for a shrewish woman. In Italian and Portuguese the word is megera, in French it's mégère. I think it's a terrible thing to saddle a child with. [noted -ed]
Buneary  7/13/2015

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