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A famous bearer of this name is Megumi Takani from the hit anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin. She is a female doctor who at one time processed opium for a money-loving merchant. Believing that killing herself would be the only way to repent for her sins, she was about to execute her death but was saved by Kenshin Himura. She seems to have a crush on Kenshin, which infuriates Kaoru Kamiya, but seems better matched with Sanosuke Sagara.
-- DarkShizuka  11/8/2006
In the anime/manga Cheeky Angel, the main character is named Megumi.
-- LaLaKisekiChan  1/31/2007
I think Megumi Hanajima is Saki Hanajima's little brother from the manga 'Fruits Basket'. He's a bit pervy, but really adorable and nice. And he always wears black. Like Saki.
-- stormy_lovegood  2/18/2007
Megumi Hayashibara is a very prolific anime voice actress. She also sings.
-- Yume Hanabi  2/19/2007
The name Megumi is the heroine's name in the book "One Bird" by Kyoko Mori.
-- Martha Gold  4/11/2007
This name's so cuuuute.
-- Anonymous User  8/1/2007
Megumi Ouni from Zatch Bell!
-- sabrinafaye  8/6/2007
Murakami Megumi, former member of the all-female Japanese group, C-ute is a famous bearer of this name. One fact is that she writes her name with the kanji for love, like in Ai, instead of the one noted here.
-- nadiaxox  12/20/2007
This is also a masculine name. I've seen it on more males than I have females.
-- Anonymous User  1/31/2008
Often, people don't like Japanese names because their meanings are hard to guess, compared to the Latin, Greek, or Germanic ones. But this one, is such a beautiful name because, if it wouldn't had said it was Japanese, I would have though it was Latin! Megumi, sounds to me like... Legume. The French word for vegetables. Yes, yes, it looks like Legumi. See? =D This name looks like a Latin one, and it sounds so marvelous! ^_^ The real meaning is beautiful too.
-- Schizofrenic  12/13/2010
I actually know a girl named Megumi. It fits her very well. I believe her parents chose it because her father spent some time in Japan, and I know they loved the meaning. Megumi doesn't go by any sort of a nickname, which I think is awesome, since it would be very easy for her to just go by Meg, but then she would loose the uniqueness that her name gives her.
-- Anonymous User  4/21/2011
Its better to use a Meg name and live in japan than America without worrying the family guy stigma plus this sounds more elegant than plain old meg.
-- 555jazzy  10/7/2012
Shimizu Megumi, from the anime Shiki.
-- bedamijo  8/18/2013
Megumi sounds cute and gorgeous. ^__^
-- Anonymous User  8/24/2014
Megumi Asaoka is a Japanese pop singer, and actress. Her real name is Kayoko Fuji. She made her entrance in showbusiness in June 1972, with her debut single "Mebae". Her biggest hit would be "Watashi No Kare Wa Hidarikiki", which peaked at no. 1, on the Oricon charts, in July 1973.
-- cutenose  5/25/2016

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