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Melusine von der Schulenburg (1667-1743) was the German mistress of King George I of Great Britain. They had a daughter together, also named Melusina (1693-1778).
babycrookston  8/2/2009
Mélusine Mayance (1999-) is a French child actress. She is the eponymous star of the French film 'Sarah's Key' (2010).
― Anonymous User  7/25/2011
Ehrengard Melusine von der Schulenburg (known by her middle name; 1667-1743), was mistress to the Elector of Hanover who in 1714 became King George the First of Britain. Melusine became Duchess of Kendal and Duchess of Munster.
Just Jonquil  3/9/2015

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